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Reimagining the way you experience the outdoors

Keystone Harbor is truly Adventure Simplified.  Being located only 20 minutes from Tulsa and 80 minutes from Edmond, Keystone Harbor allows guests to retreat to some of Oklahoma’s most sought-after scenery.  Experience a day on the water, relax with your favorite beverage and cuisine, explore the natural hiking trails and islands, and retreat to your RV in the evening.

Keystone Harbor prides itself on its seamless blend of thoughtful design and our location’s natural surroundings. Keystone Harbor’s mission is to connect people to the environment and each other.

RV Rental

A Place for Making Fabulous Memories…Bring Home A Story

RV Camping is a fabulous way to spend quality time with family and friends, while also getting to take in the thrills and beauty of nature.  It’s no wonder people are abandoning boring hotel rooms to sleep under the stars and amongst the trees.

Keystone Harbor offers brand new Aspen Tail, Kodiak, and Braxton Creek RV Rentals for a nightly rate.  The RVs are stationary and permanently stay within designated campsites.  It’s just like renting a cabin – except you can experience the RV lifestyle.  Enjoy the pleasure and relaxation of RV camping without all the hassle and cost of owning a RV.  Keystone Harbor’s Rental RVs are located within a beautiful wooded lot overlooking wonderful Keystone Lake.  Our RV rentals are perfect for anyone wishing to camp, but with all the luxuries of home.

One fact about humans:  they need time to relax!  RV camping is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy some fabulous relaxation time.  However, if needed, all RV rentals have access to free WIFI access. Keystone Harbor is the ideal RV rental destination to enjoy grand Oklahoma Lake fun!