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OK we’re resuming on our series on our Oklahoma Marina projects those being the one at Keystone known as Keystone Harbor Keystone like is about 20 25 minutes from downtown Tulsa. And the same 20 to 25 minute distance from downtown Tulsa going a little bit more north as well as West. Is our older project it’s now 12 years old and that Oklahoma Marina is called. Sky. It’s Cross Timbers Harbor Marina about a 517 slip marina. I thought in this session we’ll talk a little bit about how while we were in the midst of developing sky take. How we were invited by the Corps of Engineers and by the Manford community to come to Manford and bring the first new marina in gosh probably 50 years to Keystone like. Keystone like again was like that was created by congressional authorization back in the 1950s and it opened in about 1964 filled 64 65. So it’s a it’s a light now that’s about what 53 years of age this year. So has had quite a history. It’s a 23000 acre like. So it’s one of the larger lakes in Oklahoma. It’s water quality as is viewed as average. It is a bit murkier water. However it has sand beaches and that’s a big feature because if you have a pontoon boat or a peat obviously you can literally scoot right up on the beach and jump off and enjoy one of the many islands or beach side experiences. So it’s been a it’s a different type of like versus sky to sky to is rock bottom sky to cause deeper as clear water. Keystone is. Ample in depth. Oklahoma Marinas. But it is it’s a sand loamy sand with few rocky areas but it’s generally made up of the inflow from the Arkansas River and the Cimarron River and a few other tributaries. Where sky too has a very small watershed area. So when we were invited a few years ago to come and take a look at putting a new marina. Operation in at Keystone like it was a like that having grown up in Tulsa I was very familiar with. Both the. Good reputation as well as a not so good. The not so good was the water quality wasn’t viewed as being anything like obviously a 10 killer or the new Sky to gleich. But it was a very popular like just a sign because there’s so much population sand Springs sits on the Arkansas river edge of the Keystone like. And then the very growing fast growing community of Manford is there and then there’s just like we see around sky to a lot of new homes and subdivisions popping up as people want to be in a bedroom community with the like proximity to Tulsa with Tulsa’s health care entertainment and shopping experiences as well as proximity to the airport both of our Oklahoma Marina projects are within 20 minutes of the airport. And that’s a big feature for us for people that are wanting to come and visit from out of town. So getting back to our invitation to come and develop it Keystone like this occurred out. Oklahoma Marinas.  Our guests around 2012. I was literally staining a deck on one of our cottages at our Oklahoma Marina project known as as Sky takes Cross Timbers Harbor. And some gentlemen walked up two of whom were strangers and two of whom I knew the two that I knew were this guy too like manager and his second in command. That is Preston Hunter and Greg Bertschi both of whom I have said in previous web cast were vital to the Scott take like selection of Adam being a demonstration like. And so they came up to me and introduced me to a gentleman named William Jeffries. And William was the light manager for Keystone like as well as for Arcadia. Over in the Edmond area of Oklahoma City. And the other gentleman was Mike Nunley who was city manager of Manford. And for those that don’t know Mike he’s a very dynamic city manager. He’s younger than me. Very experienced in managing the growth and development of communities. And he had told William Jeffries the like manager that he was interested in buying one of the existing marinas called Keyport. And key ports about 100 125 slip marina it’s actually the original marina on Keystone like so it’s along with Pier 51 are both probably at least 50 years of age. And so like manager William Jeffries told the city manager man I would get a new marina in here if you can because the city manager Mike Nunnally was saying well we might as a city because it was within the city limits of Manford we might take a look at buying Keyport and fix it up. Oklahoma Marinas. And so it was the recommendation of the like manager that because a another marina had gone under Westport no longer existed and there was even an additional marina that once existed that no longer existed that there was probably intensity planning that could be moved around to where an area adjacent to the city of Manford within within the city limits. Could be found and designated as a as a harbor. And so they came up to me and said we want you to come and do it. Keystone what you’ve done and are doing at Sky 2. Oklahoma Marinas Frankly I wasn’t very interested at first but my son in law Dustin Hough who has been the key leader in growing our Oklahoma marina at Sky 2 as well as now our Oklahoma marina at Keystone. He he saw the value in trying to pursue this so thankfully Dustin took that on. He went with William Jeffries and with Mike Donnelly and they found the site that we’re now have is our marina and other recreational site. And amazingly all of a sudden we went from having so much to do that sky take and we still do to having a new set of projects at Keystone. It’s been a real delight to do Keystone in that. The customers are so pleased that they have this new world class beautiful Marina as we did at Sky take we landscape heavily. We use native stone and boulders in some would say in abundance but it’s a very dramatically beautiful site. It sits just right on the edge of Manford. In fact if you go into Manford on the east end you’ll come to a traffic light. You turn right and we’re less than a half mile from there so we’re very proximity is to that community. They get the benefit obviously of our sales taxes and our economic growth. Oklahoma Marinas And it’s it has been a wonderful opportunity for us because with that opportunity they brought us water electricity. And most importantly direct sewer connections. So as we are developing it now where one of the few if not the only Marina recreational project on a corps of engineers like. That has what is called in the Camping World full hookup. So we’re able to take care of if you have a RV you don’t have to stand in line for a pump out. You don’t have to go through the ugly process which most guys get to do a pumping at your trailer into a common septic system. Our sanitation goes directly into the city sewer just like it would if you’re staying in a hotel or in a residence within the city limits so that’s a huge advantage for us at that particular site. We have also seen that. By being on that site we were able to do things with this Oklahoma marina that we didn’t do with our first Oklahoma marina at Sky which is float all of our office ships door areas as well as are very dramatic two story floating restaurant which we’ll be talking about it and ensuing. Webcast. It’s a. There’s just nothing like. Being literally on the water. We’re in a very protected cove and yet we’ve got this big view of a major part of the light. Yet I would say there’s a very small handful of sites on Keystone like that have what this site has which is easy proximity of two major roads highway 412 12 and Highway 51. Within a couple of miles on each side of us and then having this kind of city utility service in a very protected and beautiful co So we’ll talk about it more in our next webcast. Oklahoma Marinas