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You picking back up on our experiences with our Oklahoma marina in Oklahoma Marina is now that we have two projects. I was speaking about just the regulatory presence of the Corps of Engineers and the incredibly. Old marinas that generally are are seen across Oklahoma likes as it comes to the Oklahoma Marina experience with the Corps of Engineers the likes. Many people don’t appreciate. How much effort there was on the creation of Oklahoma lakes in the 1940s and 1950s. Of course we’re familiar with. The history of Lyndon Johnson. Lyndon Johnson became a United States senator and 19 50. He was known as landslide London because he had won an election under dubious election results. He had lost won back in the early 1940s because even though there was mischief on both sides. On his side he had failed to hold back votes. Sad to say at that time in Texas history there was quite a bit of voter fraud. And certainly Johnson went from being a victim of it to bile. Opinion in Texas politics that. He learned from what had happened to him and he basically beat a very popular former governor Coke Stevenson. By means of pulling votes out that probably were voters that had been in the graveyard for some time. So interesting time in our history Sam Rayburn also from Texas was speaker of the house through the 1940s into the early 1960s. John McClellan was a senator from Arkansas during that time. And. Basically you saw some of the biggest lakes federal project likes built in Oklahoma Arkansas. Texas even powerful Senator Richard Russell with the like Sidney Lanier over in just outside of Atlanta. So huge huge engineering projects. Were blessed by them today although some of the. Ugly ways that they came about legislatively aren’t appreciated the fact that they now provide is from flood control provide us safety from flood. Activities and give us flood control options we’re seeing that currently in Oklahoma as we’ve had torrential rains here in April setting records. Oklahoma Marinas. And without these lakes we would see much much more property damage done. Certainly the city of Tulsa. I remember as a kid seeing areas that are in what are called the brookside area now be under water so that. That stop happening once Keystone like which is where we have one of our Oklahoma Marina operations. It Now serves a huge purpose in keeping us from having you know continued flooding problems like we had back in the 1950s in the early 1960s. Clearly homes were destroyed and there would be homes destroyed and under water today with that Keystone like serving it’s purpose. Accordingly Keystone like is its primary function is. Flood Control. Corps of Engineers likes generally are there for flood control. To supply water obviously to hold and supply water for everything from drinking water to. Sewage treatment to. Industrial uses. So these like serve a huge purpose. However it’s been always the position of the Corps of Engineers that Druitt through congressional authorization. They are not to be focused on the social and economic benefits of these alikes meaning the recreation of these likes. Oklahoma Marinas. There’s a lot of discussion going on now in Congress because at the time these leaks were first appropriated and constructed and then finally filled such as with Keystone I believe in 1964 65 was when it filled. At that time. The social and economic benefits. Of. Of alike weren’t fully. Addressed. We’re in a much much more. I guess just a very intense period with technology advancing with cell phones going off with emails to return with voice messages with text messages. And so the need and desire to get to water has never been stronger and of course that’s very very present in our very physiological makeup is our connection to water and our desire to be on water. So that has led to a social benefit of being able to get out in a boat or have a meal next to water. We want to see water we want to hear water. We want to feel water that’s just a part of our makeup and that is where we find stress relief. I’d spoken earlier about our project at Sky to like our overlook project but we took that decaying overlook that had been under control of the Corps of Engineers and with private investment turned it into a rest but a psychological healing center for those that have post-traumatic stress disorder. Studies have shown that being near water on water around water relaxes and opens these folks up that have this disorder and gets them to start to talk about their experiences which is a critical part of their healing. Oklahoma Marinas. So we know there’s a huge social benefit to the average person as well as to our heroes that suffer from PTSD to be on or near water. We also know that there is a huge economic impact. You’ll recall in one of our earlier sessions that we talked about that economic impact being measured recently. And this was a story in the Tulsa World where I made a presentation which will be on one of our ensuing webcast. To the sky to community. Through the sky tuque economic development authority where we measured using the Osage County Assessor’s numbers. So the numbers are very valid they weren’t inflated or fly. They were very very accurate. And it showed that the. Land around the marina two mile radius of our Oklahoma Marina known as Keystone Harbor had gone from. 16 million dollars in 2005 assessed valuation up to a hundred and twenty five million dollars in 2016 assessed valuation. For any anyone that goes out to our Oklahoma Marina known as Keystone Harbor. You will see lots and lots of additional new homes being built.Oklahoma Marinas. ¬†It’s taking land that was once valued at about a dollar per acre in property taxes because it’s AG based. Designated land and it’s turned it into. Property that is often. Throwing off tens of thousands of dollars annually in property taxes. It’s so dramatic that that has. Taken the. Tax results back to the schools and Sperry and sky to. Up to about a million and a half dollars per year. So the economic and social benefit of these likes is very very pronounced but when they were built with Lyndon Johnson and Senator McClellan of Arkansas and Senator Kerr of Oklahoma and the other key senators that really wasn’t contemplated it was really about flood control power generation and water supply. A distant fourth was always recreation and the social and economic benefits that can go with recreation i.e. lifestyle and. Oklahoma Marinas. PTSD healing. So where we’re kind of facing a new world congress again authorize the likes for the other purposes really didn’t contemplate social economic. It was Senator Inhofe who had the vision in what is called the Water Resource Development Act of 2007 to put in there a subsection of that act 31 34 which really invites strongly invites the Corps of Engineers to begin to find private partners for more and better development. And the focus on that legislation as was the focus on the original demonstration like program which are Oklahoma Myrrhina Sky Harbor came from. It was really it’s a focus to. Really look for partnerships that add. Social and economic benefits to the area. And that is clearly what we have done that is clearly what is going to happen with lakes and so forth and so there’s a lot of regulatory change going on. We’ll talk about that in future sessions.¬†Oklahoma Marinas.