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Our last segment today relates to our. Opportunity at our Oklahoma Myrrhina known as Keystone Harbor to use a product that I’m very proud of that has not happened much in Oklahoma. But is getting ready to happen at Keystone harbor and will likely be happening at our other Oklahoma marina and Marina development at Sky to gleich. And that is the use of Air streams Air stream trailers for overnight stays. Most people. Really stop and look when an air stream is going down the road. And of course I remember Air streams was born in 1952 from my earliest recollection. Oklahoma Marinas. And they’ve changed very little over the years. The Air stream manufacturers are the same folks that have always been Air stream manufacturers and their new Air streams today range in price for the some of the larger models and 90 to 130 $140000. So they’re very just as they were when they were first introduced in the 1930s. Oklahoma Marinas. They are extremely timeless. They’re very cool. They’re very retro. And so it was our thought that we would like to bring the air stream experience to the likes. And most people won’t own one won’t be able to own one or can’t justify owning one or don’t know how to rent one to take a trip. So what we’ve done is we’ve invested in a total of seven of these that we’re having refinished on the exterior and putting into service and that service being right on the right on the water at Keystone Harbor right on the edge of the water in our lease it at Keystone harbor or other Oklahoma marina. And I thought for this segment I would just give you a little background from the air stream. Debbie Debbie Debbie ADOT Air stream dot com Web site. And it’s a very interesting history and I invite you this to see it. But let me let me run through it with you. They they break their history into the 1920s and they say Air streams first ride was in 1929 but really Air stream was born the first time. Wally BiOM left home. Oklahoma Marinas.  While buying by the way is the inventor of the air stream. Wallys early life schooling’s sailing camping and working all came together to form a vision of the open road the outdoors and freedom. That vision was realized in a tent on a Model-T chassis. It was realized in a boy working to pay for his school. It was realized when Wally BiOM built that first trailer and it’s still alive today. As a 1930s dawned. Interest in Wolley by ambs early trailer designs was growing so much so in fact that he couldn’t handle the demand. Or by sending $5 manual’s her around the country. Interesting how these things start.  People had seen the first Air streams and they wanted to get on board a factory would open a trailer would debut. But then a great depression would jeopardize everything. I believe Wally started building these in 1932 so as he moved into the 30s of course that was one of the darkest times in the American economy. Oklahoma Marinas. Air streams survived the Depression World War II would be another challenge. Factories closed in Wally by me and others joined the war effort. But after the fighting stopped Air stream was back and soon. Better than ever and as the company grew. While he would have a chance to get on the road battle test his trailers and plant the seed of a caravan revolution. In the night. Now up to the 1950s in the 1950s Air stream went through a lot of changes and mostly for the good. The old factory was outgrown. Wally BiOM lit a caravan of trailers trailer lights outside American borders for the first time. Innovation continued inside the company and out by decades and in a lot of ways Air streams had made the leap from being a travel trailer company to being a movement and a culture that was shared by thousands. So that’s where they were through the 1950s and the 1960s for the first three decades of its existence and maybe even longer. Air streams and Walli by and more synonymous. But the 1960s changed that. Wally passed away in Air stream no longer had its founder and leader there would be turmoil and there would be change but nobody should be surprised that the company in the idea that while he devoted his adult life to was grand enough and strong enough to live on. The 1970s. With a recession and a gas crisis the 1970s weren’t a great decade for the auto industry as a whole let alone travel trailers and air. If you’re wondering if you’re listening to A. Podcast on a Oklahoma Marina stay with me. Driving for fun wasn’t on the table for many people and that brought change to Air stream for the first time in the company’s history. It left California and for good. New products were introduced unlike anything Air stream done before that even in a time of flux with change everywhere what remained was undeniably. Heir’s during. 1980s. Since Wally biomes death Air stream had gone through periods of great prosperity and periods of great hardship. But in the 1980s heartstrings found stable footing once again. New ownership came in and ushered in an era of success that continues to this day. And with a silver bullet trailer gaining retro icon status we were able to keep the old with an. In the 1990s air stream is a company that spans arrows. We appreciate our history very much as you can see but we also look forward whenever possible. In the 1990s we embody that generational Bridge. Oklahoma Marinas new efforts were started to honor and preserve Air streams greatest historical resource. The trailers themselves and with more products and updated designs a whole new generation of Air streams could get on the road in style. In the 2000s. We’re very proud of what’s come before us in the near century Air stream trailers have been on the road in the past 10 years we’ve seen the Wally Baiame Caravan Club International and Air streams itself pass major milestones and we hope to see many more. That’s why we’re also looking forward to the future and trying to develop new better trailers and other products so that Air streams can always enjoy the open road and comfort and without worry. So that brings us up to two today with Air stream. It’s it’s had a very rich history Oklahoma Marinas. It is very Americana as I said it represents freedom freedom on the road freedom as Americans for unique designs for those that have seen Air streams. And again we’ll have them at our Oklahoma Marina Keystone Harbor get this spring and summer for individuals to rent. It gives us a price point product for folks that want to have a bathroom with a flushing toilet and a shower. A small bedroom they can sleep two people comfortably and then a front area of the trailer that has a convertible sofa so that you can easily have a family of four or five enjoy a night owl and the like. At our Oklahoma Marina Keystone harbor we’re going to have a really nice setting you’ll have your own little fire pit. You’ll be right on the water. Big view of the lake you’ll have the new Brownie’s restaurant we’re going to be talking about brownies and ensuing sessions. Our new restaurant tour at Keystone harbor at that Oklahoma Marina known as Keystone Harbor. And. So you have a gated area great like views. Flushing toilets because we’re tied into the city’s sewer system and your own Air stream experience. We have a good friend that is polishing these and polishing them is quite a process. You can go online and learn all about like you can everything in this day and age on you to learn how to polish an Air stream but it takes about 80 man hours to take off the old finish. And when they built Air streams in the past they would put a clear coat on that. Unfortunately with weather would wrinkle up and turn yellow and eliminated they real bright aluminum shine in Polish that a new Air stream has fortunately that aluminum is timeless so it can be brought back but it takes a series of steps to take the oxidation off these trailers. Oklahoma Marinas.And then of course we get them on the inside looking looking fresh and new full galley kitchen again a small bathroom with a toilet and a shower. Two bedroom areas both at the front and the back. You have little closets that are cedar lined. They’re they’re just a joy to be in. Now they’re only about eight feet wide. And the ones that we have range in length from 31 to 34 feet. I said will be putting a little natural stone fire pit at each one. Each one will have a little patio area. And you’ll be looking around the lake and you can just walk down and have dinner at the restaurant if you want. Or go fishing. Well we have two or three places with little community docks that you can fish off of. Go rent a boat go rent a personal watercraft. So it’s going to be quite an experience to be able to stay for a few days in an Air stream. And we liked the price point that we’re able to present with Air streams we’ll be able to give folks an overnight experience that will range from just under $100 to around $120 depending on. The type of Air stream that you choose to rent. Oklahoma Marinas.So say we’re excited and proud to bring that piece of Americana to one of our Oklahoma Marina projects is an understatement. We’re going to be talking in the next few podcasts about our use of Air streams over it at our new expanded campaign. It’s going to be happening. At Old Chief village on Sky 2 like our other Oklahoma Myrrhina project. Oklahoma Marinas. And the demand over there with our new event center for brides and their families that want to come and stay a few days for Air streams is again very pronounced. What I love about it is that we can buy these Air streams used for twelve to fourteen thousand dollars polishing them and bringing them back. We have an investment of around 25 to $28000. And that gives us the ability to have a price point for all budgets and that’s real important. Our Oklahoma Marina projects is that we try whether it’s our camp sites whether it’s our cottages. We try to make sure that we’re hitting all the demographics that we can that we’re not just because we’re new and frankly very nice and nicely landscaped and gated and all that. We have price points that aren’t reachable for the average family. We take pride that we always built cottages of a variety of sizes and a variety of prices. We’ll be doing the sign that Keystone harbor with these Air streams. Oklahoma Marinas. We’ll be talking another day about our plans for next year with our floating cottages at Keystone Harbor. That’s an experience that up until now. No other Oklahoma Marina has except it like Murray there they’ve had very successful development of floating cottages. There’s not a reason in the world that we don’t put some floating cottages in northeast Oklahoma. People will enjoy those immensely just like they’re going to be enjoying the Air streams just like they’re going to be enjoying our new RV campsites so we enjoy bringing things that we see working in other markets to Oklahoma. We still scratch our heads why Texas does these things. And Missouri does these things and we don’t seem to do them very quickly in Oklahoma where we’re changing that. We have professional basketball now at Oklahoma City very successfully so anything’s possible in Oklahoma. We just need to believe in ourselves a little bit and try a few more things. Our lakes are huge economic engines for our state. We know that tourism is a major industry and when you’re blessed with as many lakes as we have it’s very foolish not to have the ability to put these kinds of features skipper liners for dinner cruises. Air streams floating cottages just world recreational services. And so at our Oklahoma Marina project it at both ski sky take aim Keystone. We are bringing those things and we’re very proud of it. Oklahoma Marinas