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This continues our discussion about our Oklahoma Marina and the process that led to that along the marina as well as other. Development that has occurred it’s got to look like in Keystone Harbor. On my last discussion we were just talking about. How. Interesting it was to try and work with the Tulsa district or the Corps of Engineers in light of this brand new. Idea called the demonstration Light Program. To try and develop public private partnerships for further recreational lakes cornflakes. We as we. Kept meeting with the corps they said to us well frankly because you are. Bringing this this is a private entity directly with the corps that’s going to create a bit of a problem for us in terms of the need for a request for proposal. Oklahoma Marinas. There are processes determine this type of demonstration. And despite the fact we are the only ones that have made an occasion that they felt that they needed to either look at a request for housing. It probably. Will take. Time. Before we go in five days. I believe the Corps made it very clear that they were more comfortable with public private partnerships if we have a public park. So we immediately went to the skeptic. Community because they were going to benefit and have benefited the most from our development. And they said we already have a Sky City sky to an economic development authority and that authority would meet the criteria that the Corps wanted. And so we had a series of meetings with the sky leadership and the sky Economic Development Authority regarding this Oklahoma Marina and the other activities that we wanted put on a lease. And they agreed to it if we would hold them harmless which we of course did that the development would pass through the sky. Quick economic development authority our partnership side our private. Leasehold in the states or state source company that has an LLC that I have known for a number of years. And so we made the same application to before this time through Seeta sky to. That began the process was a lengthy process. It took about a year and a half. To do all of that culture on the environment only other regulatory impact. Analysis that needed to be done. And that’s called an environmental assessment. We had hopes that that assessment would lead to what’s called the Fonzi. Finding of no significant impact. That did occur two years later when we did. The stone harbor which we’ll talk about. Future sessions. We went through the same process. The. Kernel at that time did grandis in February of 2003. Oklahoma Marinas. A 50 year lease for the purposes of high intense use which was another part of the process as we had to go through. We. Pray. Certain areas like food for dinner designated low. Density. With high density. In order to give us our 10 10 and a half mile stretch. Seven hundred acres of contiguous land. For the purposes of putting in Oklahoma cottages. That. Designation did occur like I said. In. 2003. However. Very interesting story of the Osage try. It had elections. They changed our chiefs and councils. And so the Nuti determined that he thought they would want to get involved with us and. In that. We made it very very clear that we already had a partner seat. So we had a meeting with seat and with the states tried this was in 2000. Too and the decision was made by Seeta that they didn’t care to step aside as a partner. They wanted the state apart. They represented the sky to community like of course names got to play. And there were only eight minutes. Their town their. Community was only eight minutes away from. Where our lease would be and so they wanted to stay involved and. That. Apparently upset the chief of the OCA and he determined that well we’re going to. Question whether or not this lease should occur because we had a rock. This is a paramedical rock that had been originally on one of the floor of the lake and this this rock was believed to have some. Miraculous healing powers. And so the chief said we’re going. To. Oklahoma Marinas. The challenge as we have a unique relationship. Oklahoma Marinas. As a tribal government with for. Years. And so we’re going to. Challenge whether or not to. Make this. Happen. That was very unfortunate. Frankly the rest of the Osage tribal council whom I met we did not have any. Recreational lake development. Yet this went on for a number of weeks and even months. As controversy over our portion of the lease being too close to the healing. We ultimately. Picked up a Tulsa World and. There were a writer who had written I thought we were framed rocks years ago basically to the Osage tribe a task. For causing needless delay in a lease process that would bring an awful lot of economic. Development to that. Area. And that development would mean more dollars for schools more dollars for county. Government. And emergency services so. It was a very well written and strong editorial. And shortly thereafter the cry of the Commonwealth State a reasonable boundary away from the rock between agreed. And put up the privacy fence around it which we. Did. Then we will be. Comfortable with you going in with your lies and that. Oklahoma Marinas. And that alone. So like I said in February. 2003 we were able to. Get this. As we once we receive the lease. We began. Obviously extensive architectural designs. Since our own. The wing and the ship store and dock shops and dock shop and restaurant cottages. We began the design process. We used the Oklahoma State University School of Architecture and competition for the best ideas to lay out our land plan. We also used the University of Oklahoma land planning group in Tulsa. We used the architectural schoolhouse Stone of course. It was a very successful and exciting program. Got a lot of press. And. Some students came up with some excellent design ideas. We also engaged harse who had done so much of the work over in Oklahoma City the. Football stadium and all. And Gary sparks himself was directly involved in the design. The community of Tulsans County. We’re very excited about as these designs come forward. How. Beautiful The architecture was how it was going to. Take long for him because as an open read. You often see. Very very. Tired and unfortunate unfortunately go lives. Texas has a. Much better. Current and past history. A five year old was. Unfortunate for Oklahoma. We had a lot of very tired and. In fact. Something new. Primary. Say. Several times there are 35 marinas Oklahoma Marina areas and. In the state. That are. On. Those 35 only 2 or 12 years of age or. Work. In both of those are the. Keystone Harbor across Denver’s Marine Corps which are. Our. Develops. One of the 35 is 30 years old. Which is Bristol Bay also got to work and is 30 years old because that’s the age of that like it was the original. Rate. Of the rest because the rest of the lakes are older likes that and reasons. The arena’s age varies from 40 to 70. Now that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few that are not nice marinas and. We think certainly that we have built healthy. As an arena operator that we’ve built. Is. But just the same. They’re. They’re very very tired very lightweight so we really good design. Firms who used excellent. Ideas and new ideas frankly as we often do. We copied some of the best ideas from around the country. And put those in. Place and that has really. Made a difference in terms of our. Tremendous customer satisfaction with our products.¬†Oklahoma Marinas