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This continues our series on Oklahoma Marina the marina that we’re talking about is the cross timbers marina at Scott to gleich. An Oklahoma marina that most people feel is probably the prettiest finest marina in Oklahoma. We were last talking about the core processes as we began to get underway with that first phase of our cross timbers development which was the marina and that overall process of getting the lease approved for the 10 miles of shoreline and the 700 acres for recreational development for public use. That that brings up an interesting point. We built such a fine marina that a lot of people thought then and still do that it’s a private Marina. Everything at both our Keystone Harbor which is our other Oklahoma marina and sky two is for public use. Now that doesn’t mean that you can’t rent a slip that’s for your exclusive use. Or if you rented a cottage it’s for your exclusive use while you have that rented However you cannot own anything. You know that’s on federal land a private individual cannot come in and say hey I want to buy a slip per perpetuity. Oklahoma Marinas. So that’s a common misunderstanding and maybe one thing that we did in building such a fine facility. Oklahoma Marinas. Is we made it look what’s often known as country club good looking and that has made people think well then it must be a private use facility that is not the case. It’s everything that we have is for public use and that’s as it should be because again that’s federal land. So jumping back to our 2000 and three lease February we got it as I’d mentioned earlier that we had a choice you and oh you actually do school projects we used oh issues environmental school through Dr John Lamberton extensively for doing all of the cultural review and all the environmental impact review. We actually submitted. More or. Environmental requirements in stringencies and the Corps of Engineers. In fact we gave them a environmental management plan and they didn’t even know that such a thing existed. This was thanks to Dr. Lamberton and wish you that we actually gave them an extensive set of criteria that we were going to use that actually exceeded the Corps of Engineers requirements that included the first Clean Marina and Oklahoma. There is an Oklahoma marina that to my knowledge meets the Clean Marina standards Clean Marina program. Isn’t just about your marina being clean. It’s about using the kind of components in the construction and in the operation meeting criteria that protects the water. Many times you’ve seen at marinas around not just in Oklahoma Myrrhina but other marinas you’ll see an awful lot of green algae on an encapsulated flotation. We have encapsulated flotation what that means is that the material that allows the marina to float is actually encapsulated in a plastic material. That is both good. Environmentally it’s also good economically by having that type of material in compost and encased in plastic. Allows for that flotation to survive many many more years than it would when it’s just flotation material exposed to the water and algae and the elements. So that’s one of many criteria that are contained in a clean Marina program. Oklahoma Marinas. Dustin Hough who is a key leader in our development actually set about to find out the criteria that you would need to have a Clean Marina. Program. And unfortunately Oklahoma has never to this date justified it appears going after a clean Marina program. But Tennessee did Texas did California has Florida has and a number of other states where their water is important in their water quality is important. They have come up with state certified clean marina programs. So we voluntarily created a program it’s not official but we’ve followed the very very stringent requirements of a clean Marina program and introduce that and so our Oklahoma marina known as. As Cross Timbers sky tuque Marina meets or exceeds all of the Clean Marina criteria and as we will speak about later. That was very important because we were nominated in 2009 as the only nominee of the 383 Corps of Engineers likes for the green of a war that’s the top environmental award in the nation. We did not receive it but we were very very flattered that of 383 corps likes that Howze literally hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of marinas that that we would be selected by the corps out of their headquarter office in Washington D.C. for that very very prestigious award. So that’s a little bit about the environmental that we went through a part of our environmental requirements on our Okla our first Oklahoma Marina was that we would need to cut timber in the double sided cove that we had designated for the marina. We have 42 acres of water designated for the marina. Oklahoma Marinas. Actually only one side which now contains 517 slips has been built out. So there’s room for another three or four hundred slips. On the other side of this double cove we went in with the underwater divers with chainsaws which is a peculiar thing to see but they are actually able to go underwater and cut these timbers that are standing you know up and out of the water and would obviously be dangerous for boating traffic. The good thing environmentally is that this creates tremendous habitat. So at our Oklahoma marina that we have at Sky two as well as the Oklahoma Marina we have at Keystone Harbor where we have taken down trees and or put in marinas the actually the marina itself has tremendous habitat for fishing. So we have seen very very good Croppy fishing at both marinas. We’ve seen lots of big catfish lots of big caught literally from our docks so that’s generally true of any marina. You will have a tremendous amount of fishing right around the marina because it is a tremendous habitat. Ours is even better at Sky too because we dropped about 5000. If you can imagine 5000 trees in that 42 acres of water trees down on the floor the like are also tremendous habitat. Oklahoma Marinas. So we actually have gotten environmental credits for building marinas particularly clean marinas. Because again with the flotation the way it is there’s nothing that can possibly cause degradation of the water quality. So a little little background on on that is we got the marina up and operating I might shift ahead of just talking about our our first Oklahoma marina and talk a little bit about our first developments on the simple land that adjoined our new lease where the Marina was going to be. We reached out to a family that owned 72 acres of land. Now again this is simple. Adjoining our lease that very conducive for houses because you cannot have private docks in a lot of homes obviously want a private dock. However if you have a marina there and we have concierge service so we’ll take care of your boat bring it out of the slip take it back to its slip after you’re through with it for an annual fee. That turns a a Home side into a really unique opportunity because now you’ve got a full protected boat slip so you don’t see that the Konda up and down quality of slips that you see on private docks on likes like grand beautiful like but it’s got an awful lot of shoreline with an awful lot of rusted out docks and flotation breaking down and all the rest. You avoid all that certainly at Sky to like because that Oklahoma Marina only allows a marina operation it does not allow private docks. So there is zero private docks at Sky two alike. In other words a landowner cannot have a dock now at Keystone like our other Oklahoma Marina we’ve got something like 300 docks that are private use docks that is sky too. They had they actually had to be in a marina in order to have their boat permanently on the water. So we began meeting with the shell family and we were able to acquire a total of 55 acres and ultimately developed 89 lots and pick back up with how successful that was and how good that was for the economy here in our next segment.¬†Oklahoma Marinas