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About are we are talking today about our Oklahoma marina. We actually have an Oklahoma marina at Sky lake and we have another Oklahoma Marina a keystone light. And speaking of Oklahoma marina and Marina projects kind of a related one. Oklahoma Marinas. That’s unusual. And I wanted to talk this morning about a thing that’s called the Sky two springs event center. And a very interesting story you’ll recall in previous podcast regarding our Oklahoma marina that we had a very large lease that was granted to us in 2000 and 3 February of 2003. Ultimately it became a 100 year lease which is very unusual very beneficial because it allows the investment investor and banking community to treat a 100 year lease almost like the simple land. Oklahoma Marinas. That’s obviously very helpful as you’re making risk investments on likes when you’re working with banks or the USDA or the SBA to have that great length of lease. So normally the Corps will grant on new projects a 50 year lease. We started with a 50 year lease and after quite a bit of effort in Washington we were able because of our. Frankly special track record on environmental development as well as aggressively developing the lease they gave us within a year or two we were able to go to Washington. Oklahoma Marinas. And. Get that lease extended to 100 years. So a portion of that lease from our initial. Public meetings was always designed to be called Cross Timbers village Cross Timbers village sits adjoining the one of the largest camping areas a camping area an RV area of the core atoll chief that has about 57 campsites. And because it’s so popular what money the Corps has for recreation they have put it disproportionately in that area so that it does have 50 amp service now. So for those of you that have an RV you know how important it is to have drive through use as well as 50 amp service it has that does not have any sewer does have the old traditional pump out with the lagoon. Oklahoma Marinas. So the Tallchief area is a very well-known popular area in the Tulsa area and in northeast Oklahoma for those that like to camp it’s got a big boat ramp very nice property. Just to the east of all of that Tallchief camping area. Is the area that we call the village and it sits in a tri Cove area and the tri Cove allows some protection under our lease we’re able to install public use docks uncovered but public stocks in that part of the like. And so in future years we anticipate that area to become as popular if not more popular than our current developed Oklahoma marina area known as the Harbor Marina at Cross Timbers. So back on the spring’s event story we had a few years ago a gentleman came to town from Texas and his name’s Larry crusie And Larry is a wonderful guy he’s about my age I guess he’s probably 66 67 and he had quite a story to tell that story was that he’d been involved in a lot of different business enterprises. But in 2006 2007 he discovered one of his business activities in an area down in Texas called Old Town. He had kind of backed into having that series of buildings that had constructed like an old town. He backed into an opportunity to have a wedding. And by the time he arranged to have the wedding there and saw what kind of money would be paid for that wedding he announced to his family well we’re now in the wedding business because he had. He had had this vision for this old town and that it would charm people and they’d want to come there. The old Field of Dreams. Build it and they will come. However he belted in they weren’t coming. Once he got into the wedding business and started to understand the wedding business. He discovered that brides today really like what they call rustic elegance and that is the ability to have a wedding in a outdoor environment yet still have nice bathrooms and a clean indoor setting for the reception. And yet actually have the wedding outdoors with the beautiful countryside. So as he and the family explore that further they determine Wow this is a large and thriving business and kind of like hospitals will always be in demand because there will always be people that need medical help and assistance. He determined along with his family members that there will always be weddings and people wanting to get married. Sadly not as much sometimes in today’s world as they always did traditionally in a Jagger but just the same marriage and weddings will never never go out of style. So. From that beginning at his old town Larry determined that he had other opportunities around Texas. Obviously those that go to Texas. As soon as you cross the border.  Oklahoma Marinas. It’s just amazing how much activity there is in Texas how much growth how much investment how much new development. So Larry and his family began to find these outdoor sites and they started building these wedding venues. They never thought of a marina in Oklahoma Marina or Texas Marina or anything else to do this. I just thought I want to get these brides that live in these large urban areas to have a outdoor with a really nice building for indoor reception or if they wish an indoor marriage site. So they began to build these and they used SBA Small Business Administration financing. They would go and raise the equity that they needed from family and friends. And by the time I met Larry for three or four years ago they were already up to 15 or 16 of these wedding event centers dotted all over Texas. Generally they like to build two on each ten acre tract that they have. So they’ll go and buy 20 acres because they always expect that they’re going to have dual wedding events at those locations. And that has been the case. In fact I believe in Houston and perhaps Dallas Fort Worth. They have even more than two. So Larry came to me. He had been a reference to me through our realtor that there’s a gentleman that has a lot of leased the land for the purpose of having an event center. We had always had that in our plan. And so it was a godsend to have Larry knock at our door and say hey I am real interested in putting one of these on a lake. Now the spring’s sky tuque Springs vision at our Oklahoma Marina was something that we did have but something that Larry kind of came to light in the development. It’s interesting that they didn’t have an idea of how to find a site that would overlook like a major like. But once he saw our side and walked on our site there and what is now known as the cross timbers event excuse me cross timbers village. He said this is it. Oklahoma Marinas. Fortunately what we were able to do is arrange to have a 10 acre site sub sublet to him and then gave him an option on a second site. And we’ll be talking about that in the next segment because he has not only been very successful with the initial site but he’s also very excited to go forward as I will be talking about on the second site. The first site they built what they call their large model. It’s been a very popular model for them. It looks very much like a lodge with lots of exterior pine. It has the big what I call metal roof with the raised same standing same roof. Very dramatic gorgeous. Architecture. Magnificent on the inside very rustic and yet with chandeliers. So the ladies just love it and we all know that the ladies have been dreaming of their wedding day since they were young girls. And so you really want to fulfill those dreams so they have. Built a magnificent setting. They have done the landscaping. That’s beyond compare. They actually at each of theirs have a re circulating stream. So you walk over a bridge out to a large outdoor gazebo or pergola and then you’ve got this dramatic beautiful view of the lake in the background. So as we continue our Oklahoma Myrrhina series I’ll talk a little bit more in the next segment about the springs events center. Oklahoma Marinas