Oklahoma Marinas | Nowhere else compares

In the last segment we were talking about the Scott Springs event center that is a major component of our Oklahoma Marina project on Sky tuque like the Oklahoma Marina project was a thrill but I will tell you that nothing exceeds the. Satisfaction of seeing folks get married at a site that used to be just undeveloped very rough woods. Now it’s got a beautiful loop road into it. Coming off of Tallchief road for those familiar with the Oklahoma Marina project it’s got to look like you’ll know that tall chief is the location of about seven camp sites. And now we are developing just east of those campsites. The village area that also overlooks the like as I mentioned earlier we have a tri Cove area so you can literally with a dock installed day use we can bring rental boats up. Oklahoma Marinas. We are engaged in a new rental boat this year that’s called the slide boat. It’s a double decker will hold 20 people on a pontoon boat. So we’re very cost effective for parties and folks that that want to recreate that why we have won it our Oklahoma Marina Keystone harbor and we’re getting ready to add one for use of the guest to the sky tuque Springs event center as I was saying. In the previous segment. The event center that has been built at Sky tuque actually has room for two events centers both with very dramatic like views. The first one was was built and the ribbon was cut by Senator Inhofe on June 26 2015. Since then it’s been the site of many many weddings. In fact the marketing team that’s in place there now is often the leader of all of the now numbered 22 event centers that populate Texas and Oklahoma in Oklahoma the crusie family have have now put two one in the Edmond area of Oklahoma City and the other in Norman just south of Oklahoma City and they’re both doing very very well. However none do better than the one the only one that springs event folks have on a lake. And so they’re not only very satisfied with the results of the first one. They have announced that they will immediately start construction of the second one. And I mentioned in our earlier Oklahoma Marina segment about the first one is a large type of style. It’s about ten thousand six hundred square feet. It has an upstairs area that houses a really nice office area where you can make your wedding plans. And also upstairs has a place for the grooms to get ready and it’s very nice flat screen TV with ESPN on their own bath facilities. Very very nice but there’s nothing like the area for the brides and the bridesmaid and the the other attendants to the bride’s wedding to get ready downstairs. It has in their dressing room. It’s bigger. Oklahoma Marinas. Girls always get a little bit nicer than the guys and that’s as it should be. But it also has a chandelier in it. So it’s still got that rustic look but it’s very elegant. They also house in the sky two spring’s events center a warming kitchen a very large prep kitchen. And then the restrooms are extremely nice everything. And this is a big part of the spring’s process. Everything is just kept immaculate. In fact they have a an individual that all this individual does is show up at various Springs event centers around Texas and Oklahoma. For the white glove treatment. Oklahoma Marinas. So they know that they need to keep both the inside and the outside immaculate. If you’ve got a dead plant outside or a tree that’s dead. Those things need to come down right away. They they have no tolerance for anything other than immaculate inside and outside facilities. Oklahoma Marinas. That obviously is very important as prospective brides come continually as they often do to look at various sites to select that that place that they want for their most important day. And so the sky two springs is always maintained immaculately as are all the springs events centers. They understand as we do in our Oklahoma Marina project cleanliness is really important on the like particularly to the ladies. They they don’t want a feeling that they’re spiders or any kind of. Unfortunate. Contact with the critters that loved to live around the like so we have really appreciated the springs events being world class again they have grown to such size that they now have major marketing efforts going on in the two states and they’re even interested in looking at other like sites to put more wedding venue locations because they’ve done so well at their first like site at our Oklahoma arena on sky light. So we are looking at some other projects with the team. One thing that we’re looking at is I had talked in the previous segment about how our Oklahoma marina at Keystone we now have a dinner event cruise that is actually a converted skipper liner and we’re looking at another skipper liner to place at the new Sky Springs venue and it will set in one of the coves there’s three little coves surrounding the sky two springs event center and we’re looking at putting a skipper liner in service there for rehearsal dinners and small weddings. Oklahoma Marinas. So we’re very excited to be working with the springs events team on that project. We’re also getting ready to add a number of. Guest cottages. This is sorely needed. They have been very patient with us because we always promised that around the event center we would start putting honeymoon cottage possibly a small event cottage for Again small weddings and rehearsal dinners that overlooks the like. And then we’ll put in a series of one two three and four bedroom cottages. As you’ll remember at our Oklahoma Marina project at the harbor Cross Timbers Harbor. We have become very proficient at that because there we have 14 different cottages already in public use. So we will be building these starting immediately. We hope to have them in service about six months. Meanwhile very exciting news. Our second option site that we provided to the springs events folks at our Oklahoma marina there at Sky to. That site is now going to be the location for what they call within the springs event family. The manner in the manner is a very impressive plantation style. Structure. And it’s actually bigger than the event center that we have currently will see comfortably 320 people still leave room for a dance floor and also 320. You could probably go up to 400 or 440 that 320 is what it’s designed for. And the new one will see 360. So about 10 percent bigger. It’s the largest Wedding Event Center that the springs events folks offer. They plan to have it under construction within a matter of weeks. It’ll take about nine months for it to be constructed. And the reason that they’re moving forward so aggressively on this second one is that they’re losing a lot of weddings right now because once you book a wedding and of course is those that have been through the wedding process no. Occasionally you’ll have a wedding on a Thursday night. By far the most popular is Friday and Saturday on occasion Sunday. Now they have weddings even on Wednesdays and Tuesdays at reduced prices. But it’s pretty unusual in most cases for folks to want to get married on a Monday night or Tuesday night or Wednesday. So what has happened to them is as they’ve become so popular they’ve had lots of demand for 2017 and 2018 and even into 2019. And that single event center that they have is already booked on a lot of those critical days. So just bottom line they’re losing business. And so they’re very anxious to get this underway. Now what we’ll need to do as you have to do it any Oklahoma marina that has a corps of engineers like even though all of the area has already been contemplated and approved under our environmental assessment will still have to go back with the actual plan of the the building plan of the new manner that will be sitting at that second 10 acre site that we had provided them when they built on their original site we gave them a second option so it’ll be going in there will obviously be having to work with the electric company and the water district and they make the appropriate aerobic plans because there’s no sewer system there so there’s a lot of design work to do just as there was the first time around. But it will all happen and very shortly there will be two major events centers. And by far of all the Oklahoma Marina projects we will have the most meeting space on the lake. Is there is anywhere in Oklahoma possibly in any of the adjoining states as well. I’ll talk about that more in the next segment.¬†Oklahoma Marinas