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This is wrong how and this is a continuation in our Oklahoma Marina series as to how we developed our two Oklahoma marinas. First Oklahoma Marinas was at Sky Harbor on Sky took like about 20 25 minutes from downtown Tulsa. And our second one that we’ll be talking about today as well is Keystone harbor. So we we have had the Oklahoma Marina experience twice now and both of them are Startup marinas. I might start by mentioning that it’s very. It’s very interesting that we have such a low number of new marinas in Oklahoma. And as an Oklahoma marinas operator I always keep an eye on. Obviously the competition as you probably do in your business. And it’s been very remarkable to see how few new marinas there are on Oklahoma. Corps of Engineers likes. The Tulsa district of the Corps of Engineers and the Corps of Engineers nationally is broken up into districts and divisions and our district is the Tulsa district and it has jurisdiction over about 38 likes 28 of which are in Oklahoma and then there’s a handful in Kansas and one or two. And in Texas they come within that jurisdiction. Of the 28 Oklahoma Corps of Engineers likes. There are a total of 35 marinas and this is according to the Corps of Engineers Web site. Of those many many marinas. It’s very very interesting that only two are 12 years of age are newer. And. As you know with our Oklahoma marine experience we started sky tuque which is known as the harbor. At cross timbers. And we started it in 2005. So 12 years ago. And so that was the newest marina. And then since then five years ago we started Keystone Harbor. And so that is now the newest marina in Oklahoma. Out of those 35 marinas I mentioned that are on Oklahoma. Corps of Engineers likes. One other one is 30 years of age and all the other 32 are 40 to 70 years of age. Amazing statistic. Oklahoma Marinas. Very very old structures. Now that’s not to say that there haven’t been a improvements made along the way too though some have been modernized with new ships doors. Some with new restaurants even one that I’m aware of where they do extensive about 130 new slips with encapsulated flotation that particular Marine is on 10 color like that as you look at the Web sites. Or go and see for yourself. All these marinas you will generally see very old structures. You will see an encapsulated flotation. You’ll remember we talked about that before the encapsulated flotation is that hard polyurethane cover over the flotation material versus most marinas you’ll see in Oklahoma have what’s called an encapsulated flotation that’s that Styrofoam looking material. The trouble with it is it degrades ducks liked to eat the algae off of it. And so often you’ll see walkways and or docks listing or the docks at very very low in the water. Not unusual that when there’s way action for the waves actually lap up. Over the walkways of the marina. So very old material. And part of the annual inspection process of the corps that they do walk the docks and inspect. But largely their inspections are on public safety as they should be. But they pretty much ignore the maintenance features. If a doc is listing from low flotation if the walkway is listing clearly they these marinas pass inspections because year in and year out they continue to list. So there’s been a lot of talk within the corps of engineers but so far very little action. Within the Tulsa district to begin to require encapsulated flotation in the future. The reason that this has not happened so far is just the economic cost to the marina operator. There’s a marina association that’s very organized and active in Oklahoma is there a marina associations organized and active in most states that have very many likes. And they they try very very hard to battle new firemans. They and I am very much a conservative and like to let the marketplace work however. Basically marinas on Oklahoma likes ancor likes are regulated monopolies. The Corps is very hesitant to allow new marina to come in because they worry that the existing marinas would lose customers. They play a role that really should be left to the marketplace to apply. It is very hard to get new marinas in Oklahoma because of the environmental rules. You have to go through many many steps and often spoke of this in an earlier webcast. There once was a an easier process of getting marinas on the water but with the growth of the EPA and subsequently with the Department of Environmental Quality in Oklahoma it’s very very difficult to get approval for a new marina. It’s pretty amazing that we’ve been able to get to that in both cases. The Corps invited private participation first this guy to like. And then through Colonel Teague with us coming to Keystone we were literally invited to come to Keystone they so desperately needed and wanted a new marina. They were getting so many complaints with those two exceptions it’s very very difficult to put docks on the water. Case in point is a development down and you follow Oklahoma the Humphries family Kirk Humphries and his son Grant wanted to build a lifestyle kind of retirement lifestyle village at follow. It’s called Karlton landing. Carleton’s landing. And. The result of that has been that there has been very. Very difficult process to get that just that little public use. Open air dock approach. They were require they be named developers of landing the Humphreys to do an environmental impact study. And that requires several years and millions of dollars. It’s usually the the. Death knell if you will to a development. So. That’s that’s been the situation regarding Marina approvals and requirements on the quality of flotation so far. Interestingly the core fights hard to protect the water quality. And yet because it’s such a massive new investment they have not required even on docks that get destroyed. They are allowed to be grandfathered in to where they only have to replace those docks with that encapsulated flotation. That’s a major component of the Clean Marina program which we practice is encapsulated flotation. There’s probably nothing that has more negative impact on water and water quality than an encapsulated flotation. At the same time there are other standards. Oklahoma’s very very stringent as it turns out. On the fueling on the water as should be the case because obviously a major fuel leak into the water is a very bad situation and needs to be avoided. However many marina operators have used. Oklahoma is going too far. Through the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. This is not the regulation of the corps or of the DCU. This is the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. That now requires probably the most stringent protection devices for fueling coming from your fuel tank across your bridge and on to your docks for the fueling of boats. They require the most stringent requirements of I believe any state certainly in the region. I would imagine that California and perhaps Florida have even more stringent rules since they’re in many cases their marinas are on the ocean. However very very stringent requirements from the Oklahoma Corporation Commission as it relates to fueling. So what we have is a more stringent requirement on bringing fuel uninterrupted fuel lines that are double and triple protected from leakage and yet they’re coming across very old and in many cases antiquated docks. So it’s amazing with all the environmental rules that we see in place in both the nation and at the state level. These relatively large blind spots as relates to encapsulated flotation. So in the next webcast our series on Oklahoma Marinas We will talk a little bit more about how we came to develop in Keystone and also we’ll be talking about some of the very unique features that we brought tickey sat down and we’ll look back at Sky to with some of the also very unique and very exciting development features on these two Oklahoma Marinas lakes.