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OK we’re resuming our discussions of our Oklahoma Marina projects. One known as sky to ice cross timbers Harbor and the other known as Keystone Harbor which is on the edge of Manford on Keystone like. In the last segment we were talking a little bit about our unique. Oklahoma Marinas.And new dinner and event cruise experience which is known as the first lady which was the name commissioned we will be having a ceremony sometime later this month where we’ll be christening the first lady on Keystone Harbor because this really it’s first year of operation. It is. A. Gorgeous skipper liner boat built in 2001 and is in immaculate condition has been fully remodeled on the downstairs with three bedrooms and three full baths. Just an amazing vessel that up to 50 people can enjoy an event or a dinner cruise experience. Normally they take a two hour tour of Keystone harbor in that area and the new Keystone Harbor district. Which is a. Unique feature on Oklahoma likes our Oklahoma Marina project never envisioned that we could join with what we have joined with which are the fine folks at the new brand new jelly stone. Over at The Salt Creek campgrounds. Oklahoma Marinas. They’re bringing a massive water park that has wabbits in the in the lake itself all the way into a 60 100 square foot. Of. Swimming pool experience you can play basketball there you can play volleyball all kinds of slides. Wonderful splash pad areas just. A fabulous new amenity being brought by Beth and Bob Ryan who. Had developed a very successful water park jelly stone experience at Pennsylvania and were invited to come just as we were invited to come over from our Oklahoma marina at Sky take in Keystone Harbor and they were invited to come in and put in really state of the art RV camp sites as well as this. Fantastic water park experience so they literally all have hundreds and hundreds of customers. This summer they open around Memorial Day. I think their season runs to Labor Day. And so in that time period bring the kids and definitely go to the experience. Jelly stound or bring them anywhere in the brand new Keystone Harbor district area because we are partnering with. Restaurants fine restaurants such as Freddie’s and the community of Manford that has brand new grocery stores with delis. I mean it’s Manford is not what Manford once was it is fast growing brand new McDonald’s sonic Pizza Hut. Oklahoma Marinas. It is a quite an experience and we feel real blessed and happy to have been invited to come in by the city of Manford to partner with them on development. I might mention. When we’ve done our Oklahoma Marina projects it both Sky 2 and Keystone. While we’ve always done is a a ceremony and we usually put a stone marker with a epigram on it about how important it is to partner private public partnerships are really really important. When we do come in as we did at our Oklahoma Marina project at Sky 2 where we re modeled fully remodel the Overlook for the public’s use and enjoyment as well as for our heroes. We try and do something special for the community. That’s something special at Keystone Harbor because the community reached out and and helped bring to us the water the electricity and most importantly the city sewer system out to our development. We wanted to do something to reciprocate so we did two things. One is we had a ribbon cutting ceremony with Senator Inhofe and the leadership from the community where we dedicated a monument just as we dedicated wanted sky to. That basically says how important the public private partnership is to that community and to the public’s enjoyment of their corps of engineers like. And so we did that at sky too. We’ve done that now at Manford. Obviously more recently at Manford because that’s a newer of our two projects. And then we also did something that we were very proud to do the Keystone like is just a fabulous fishing like the ramp that is next and it’s one of the largest ramps in Oklahoma is aside a fishing tournament after fishing tournament and its parking lot is crammed full horse trailers because the horseback riding emanates from that. Ramp area next to us just to the west of our entry into Keystone Harbor. Oklahoma Marinas. And we had been told that in that area there was tremendous fishing demand and we’ve certainly seen that lots of requests to fish from our docks and all the rest. So what we did is we built with our manufacturer who was Maricopa and we’ll talk about them and an ensuing discussion. Oklahoma Marinas. We had Americorp build a real true state of the art floating fishing experience. And so the community of Manford can go there. I think they charge it. It’s owned by the city of Manford there’s a nominal charge to fish. They go inside and it is wonderful for indoor fishing. So whether it’s the dead of winter or the hottest part of the summer you’re there in comfort. Fishing inside or of course you can as most of these kind of fishing structures have you had the ability to go sit outside and fish all the way around it. It’s in an amazing area for Croppy fishing. But we have also seen huge bash bass and very large catfish pulled out so of. Oklahoma Marinas. I don’t know of another Oklahoma Marina project that has what we have brought there with the skipper liner and with the other. Amenities for fishing. As well as a huge ramp. We’re so excited we’ll be talking in the next segment about what all we’re doing at Keystone harbor in terms of bringing Airstreams and very high end RV sites. We’re real pleased that the lease that we have through the city of Manford with the Tulsa district or the Corps of Engineers allows us to continue to expand RV camping. We have a very very protected spot but it’s got a big lake view. The only winds that we have any challenge weather easterly winds and as most people know those are very unusual and they they’re just shifting winds and they’re nothing we can’t handle. But when we learned at our other Oklahoma Marina project at Sky tuque that Marina had quite a fit as they call it and fetches the amount of miles of open water that the wind can travel. And by the time it’s traveled to three or four miles as it does at Sky. It can be creating quite a fracas. Oklahoma Marinas. It really will really control your docks so that Sky 2 we have the largest attenuators what is called poor protection and attenuators usually have slabs of concrete that go down as much as a 10 12 feet to try and break the huge role that’s going on below the surface. You see the surface waves already but what you often don’t appreciate is that those waves have built up quite a amount of water movement that can go several feet deep below the water surface and you’ve got to try and break that up before it hit your docks. And so we spent a lot of time and money building what does a 660 foot wave attenuator to protect us from northwest winds that are Oklahoma Marina project known as the harbor at Cross Timbers. And that is a continual situation because as the light gets higher that attenuator doesn’t cover all the area that it needs to. So it takes an awful lot of manpower to protect the boats tied off the boats and all. Whenever you have a northwest wind event at Sky take. At Keystone we had none of that because we have the open water and it’s probably two to three miles of open water is only to the east. We are very very much more protected than we were at Sky. So. One thing if any of your ever want to put in an Oklahoma marina that you want to look at is your site relative to fetch that again being the distance that the wind can travel across open water because if it’s in a direction that the wind is prevalent in an Oklahoma that Southwest and the spring and summer and Northwest in the fall and winter then you really need to give serious consideration to the protection of your docs and this can be a very expensive proposition. And we’ll pick up on that in our next segment.¬†Oklahoma Marinas