Oklahoma Marinas | job done right

Picking back up on our series on the our Oklahoma Marina project at Keystone Harbor as well as our Oklahoma arena project at Sky take like known as cross timbers Harbor. The little bit about Doc manufactureres this is a very interesting area particularly if you’re a new marina and of course both Oklahoma Marinas projects for us have been brand new marinas I mentioned in an earlier segment where we had the two newest marinas in Oklahoma ancor likes and very few new marinas but there’s one or two on the Texas side of Texoma. Oklahoma Marinas. There’s one or two up at Grand. There have been some remodeled older marinas but we’re the we’re the only two Startup marinas in the last 30 years. And as I mentioned in one of the earlier segments when we’re talking about the Oklahoma Myrrhina world in Oklahoma. We have the two newest ones by far our our oldest one the oldest rocks on our oldest one are only 12 years old. Oklahoma Marinas. Most of those docks are eight to 10 years old at Keystone harbor or other Oklahoma marina. We have docks that are. Being built now as we’re still in the initial growth stages will hit 200 slips this year which is about the point you have to be to start making income. So startup is very costly Like most startup businesses high risk very difficult very challenging so we’re very proud that we have managed to successfully start and build to marinas Keystone harbor that other Oklahoma Marina is well on its way to being the largest marina on Keystone like and our marina that we built had Sky tuque literally is the largest in terms of numbers of slips marina in Oklahoma with 517 slips. So we’ve obviously been doing an awful lot of business with an awful lot of lake. A rather dock manufacturers for some time and we have gotten to know them very very well. We’ve we’ve been visited by almost all of them that build on in this region. I guess we’ve had at least four or five major manufacturers come and talk to us about building our docks. We’ve also on occasion done small projects with smaller dock builders Oklahoma and particularly the Tulsa area is probably does more in terms of steel manufacturing and steel fabrication than any any other place in the United States. So if you are a Oklahoma marina operator and you’re looking to expand. You have a lot of choices in this neck of the woods. The company we initially worked with was Atlantic Maiko a fine company out of Ardmore Excuse me out of McAlester Oklahoma and we’ve always been very interested in trying to whenever we can spend local if we have money that we need to buy a product or service we try and work with the sky community or the Manford community initially and unless they don’t provide that service in that area then only then do we move on then we try and keep it in the Tulsa area and then if not that then we try and deal with folks in Oklahoma. We were led to believe. And we found that to be the case that at the time that we started our first Oklahoma Marina project it cross timbers that Atlantic Mieko was a world class leader and both the design engineering and manufacturer. Of boat slips and marinas and so we were very excited to get. Together with the Atlantic Mieko folks. We’ve been flattered they’ve used us in their national advertising several times and we are. Very very pleased with their product. The biggest challenge we had with Atlanta may go is that we had a tremendous. We talked in an earlier segment regarding Oklahoma Marina projects. We have a lot of fetch and what fetches is the wind coming across the water unimpeded. Obviously there are no hills in the middle of the like or in our case no islands to break the wind. So we have fats that can go three to five miles and depending on the northwest direction of the wind it can be very damaging to our docks and to people’s boats. So we we have an awful lot of hydro hoist lifts. Mick Webber who’s the CEO of hydro hydro hoist and of Claremore Oklahoma has told us that many years we have been the leader even though they sell products nationally and internationally we’ve bought more of their hydro hoist lifts than anybody. Oklahoma Marinas. And we continue to buy a lot of them at our most recent Oklahoma Marina project at Keystone harbor. So a lift helps protect the boat. It keeps the boat clean. We highly recommend it. If you have a lot of fetch as we do from the northwest you are pretty much having to build the wave attenuator and attenuator is basically a series of massive floats similar to the floats that are used to build docks and yet they hold huge wide and deep slabs of concrete. Our way the tenue wider belt by Atlantic Meiko after we found that the first attenuators weren’t satisfactory has now grown at Sky to harbor that Oklahoma Marinas to 660 feet making it one of the longest freshwater way attenuators in the United States. We know it’s the largest one in the Midwest. So that was quite an investment quite a process quite a project to abate those unabated northwest winds from coming and crashing our docks and on occasion damaging boats. That has all since been cured by this massive wave attenuator. Oklahoma Marinas. And by this steadfast vigilance of our employees during major 30 35 40 mile per hour northwest wind events you’ll see our guys out tying and re tying boats to make sure that the customer’s property is protected. Of course the customer is required to carry insurance so that if if the wind event is just so massive that it can’t humanly be protected or even a boat lift can’t protect it then you know that’s what insurance is for. But we’ve managed over the years to get very very good at keeping even in very severe 45 and 50 mile an hour gale winds keep our docks from being damaged and keeping the boats from being damaged so Atlantic Mieko worked with us very well on that project. However Atlantic Maiko was going through and continues to have gone a series of changes they’re now known as Sullivan Maiko and in in all those changes we ended up moving to a different boat manufacturer or boat dock manufacturer for our Oklahoma marina at Keystone Harbor. That manufacturer is core. M a r i c o r p s and it is owned and operated by a fine family. Scott Fitzpatrick is the CEO Scott also serves in the Missouri legislature and is chairman of the Budget Committee very important position and in Missouri and he’s a young man. I would guess that he’s at most 30 or 32 years of age. And so he grew up in the fabrication and manufacturing of Dock’s through his dad Mike. So he learned the business and has now taken on that family business. They have a fine staff of engineers and our good friend from our days at Atlantic Neco Roger Ross who has over 40 years experience designing and selling. Marinas Botox. He has gone over to this shell knob Missouri firm and continues to provide us with a great insight and service that he’s provided for us when he was at Atlantic Maiko. So we’ve been very impressed with Markovian product. We’ve been very flattered as are our Oklahoma Marinas at Keystone harbor and now is one of their national examples and their publication ads. And in their web site you will see a drone footage of those beautiful docks that they have designed and built for us at Keystone Harbor. One of the elements that I like particularly about first the Atlantic Neco docks and then now the Americorp docks is when we built the first Oklahoma Marina there at Sky to. We got these docks that have what they call pans and the pans are easily two foot squares. And in those days back in the early 2000s when we initially built they used aggregate stone which is a pretty timeless material. However Americorp now has gone to a stamped and stained concrete and it is just magnificent to walk on and it is beautiful to see this. It’s got a little bit of a raised feature to it. So it’s very much looks like a natural stone and yet it’s in these perfect pans. The advantage to this if you have a Oklahoma Marina or a marina anywhere is that on occasion oil will be spilled or some other stain will get on your docks and your worst case and I believe these pans sell for only about $9 a pan is you pop up that concrete pan and you put another one down in its place. What we have been doing at our Oklahoma Marina project at Keystone is we have actually been building on our large slips because there we have demand for a lot of houseboats slips which we didn’t have at Sky to Sky tuque is not. It’s more a play in the water like Keystone is a bigger boat like as it is a general statement. And so a lot of our customers will say hey I want to bring my 60 foot boat or 70 foot boat in and they’ll take an 80 foot slip and then they’re able to build out a 10 foot patio by the width of the slip which in the bigger slips is 20 feet wide. So they end up with a 10 foot deep 20 foot wide patio. And it looks so nice to have your walkway and their adjoining patio. All the same material. So we have been very very pleased with this product. We plan to use it extensively in our future development projects we’re in the process right now of serious and final negotiations on an existing Marina in the Tulsa area and in that project will have to be taking down a lot of their pretty worn down and unfortunate. Slips and in doing that will want to come back with some of the same material. It it just brightens everything makes everything very world class. Oklahoma MarinasĀ And again we like it because it’s so easy to change out the pan so you never have to live with one that’s cracked or broken or stain so it’s it enables you to keep your marina literally looking like new. They say power wash extremely well. Occasionally you’ll have to put a cleaner down to get a stubborn stain out. But we have found that with almost no exceptions we’re able to get stains up and off of these without even having to change the pans themselves out. So we’re very pleased that we work with Atlantic Neko now known as Mieko Sullivan and also that we’ve been able to work with the Americorp both world class manufacturers and both just great folks to work with.