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This is wrong and I’m here today talking about our Oklahoma Murena. We actually have two meetings now. One is. A. Skeptic like. Noah’s Cross Timbers Marine. The other is a keystone Harbor. Beautiful like Keystone. And. This morning I’m going to focus pretty much on the very beginnings of how we started the. Cross Timbers project back in 2001 and 2002. Very interesting. History. Oklahoma Marinas. The. Federal. Government. In. 2000. Still under. Clinton-Gore administration. Determined that they wanted to. Try to get more. Private. Public partnerships going. I don’t know that they can. Their debt. We. Were in the hands of the nation. By 2017. But they certainly had the right idea that the federal government could no longer afford to maintain much less build new recreational. For engineers. And. Other federal. So a senator from Arkansas Blanche Lincoln. Offered. Legislation. Based upon the observations of the cedar. River Commission. Which. Determined that. There was a. Great need for more development. On the Federal lines. So Senator Lincoln got this legislation passed and it was signed into law. In 2000. It designated a number of demonstration likes. First we were asked in an Oklahoma hurry up already. And so one of the lakes that was so designated. Was. Kind of too late. And has very little. Knowledge of that like up until that time even in the Tulsa area. The reason for this is the lake was built in 1984 85. They give me. Back. It was. Built by the great flood of. 1984. And. If you had an Oklahoma Marina. In 1984 you. Really challenge. Law. So. Scotty like was able to feel pretty quickly. That was. Great news for the area because the expectation was. We. 20 minute drive from downtown Tulsa. To play. With the area fully. Developed. However. By 2000 it was clear that development had not occurred on sky like as was anticipated. Oklahoma Marinas. There’s no reason for that sky to play because. One of the cleanest clearest legs in. The home. And again it’s very close to Tulsa. I gets a lot of visitors from Oklahoma City and Wichita. So it had very large populations to draw from which if you know. That’s something that’s very important to you. So in 19. 1999 2000 this legislation was brought forward passed into law. And it became quite a race to get likes selected because there were only going to be 12 demonstration lakes on this program. There were U.S. Corps of Engineers. There were 31 lakes in total and only 12 were going to be you ask for the engineers lakes. The race was on. Tremendous vision. They started to play. Matthew Preston the hunter. And his top. Manager under great adversity. In getting this guy to like selected for this program. As often happens. And we’ve seen this. A long time as an Oklahoma Marina. Operator. Because you will have. A lot more interest in developing. The What I call the rubber meets the road level. The lake manager. Here. Hearing complaints. From the customers. Here and the comments. From your service isn’t so. Good. Like manager very much wants to see. More of So Skype to play. Came about as a designated late. Frankly because. Crusting hotter. In. Chief. With the SH’s cry. Charles. At that time. I had. Government Affairs public affairs. How do you know the stakes are. True. Keep. In Mind. As one of our clients. He said hey I. Had. A guy named Preston Hunter approach me. Writing a letter asking the federal government to. Choose God to play on the. 12th four. Years likes to.Oklahoma Marinas. ¬†Display his program. And asked me what I thought. I’d. Do was. I think. Reparation is. Very much needed. Activity from the private sector. And I would. Suggest Oklahoma Marinas. looking at. So we did a study. For the tribe. Our studies show which has proven out that you. Do very well. As. Say. I can I’ll. Probably have. To invest in that. Like. Versus. Oklahoma or you know. Cottages. Trails. However. The tribal council look there. Was a lot more focus. And with good reason on getting. More money to be made. Love. To the band. And so. The tribes. Here to. Us. I reached out to. Them the road. Or. Rather like. Sanders Nichols. Both of whom. Wrote a letter. And a number of other community leaders. From what we understood. After that. Apparently we want to know. Are. There more than about. Everybody else in the nation because the generals later reported that they got. More. Public. In blood. For that. Not. Like. The. Media. Likes. Since Eric. 380. Corbin. It’s. Pretty amazing. Because there were. Dozens and dozens of. Skype. To. Like us like. We were very happy about that. Since the time I had no interest in pursuing. Recreation. I determined to. Pursue it as a ¬†business investment. Because the demonstration. Program called for public private partners. Was a. Very viable private part. So we set about. Meetings with the. Tulsa district to the Corps of Engineers. And. I. Knew. From those initial meetings in the Tulsa district. That there was a lot of confusion and uncertainty. As to how to approach this. The. Legislation. Had not provided any appropriations. And anybody worked with government services no. That’s another issue No. Any kind of. Interest of the federal government is they want to see some appropriation some dollars coming from this have not only had a designation and encourage the likes elected to try and streamline the process is way any internal rules that they possibly could obviously need. All federal statutes look to do everything they could to try and encourage. And partner with the private sector selected for. Our initial needs with the Tulsa district. We’re not particularly encouraging because again they have not heard from the top down to take this program seriously. Frankly it was our delegation. As. You. Heard from. Senator. Cruz. Is. A change role. And others. Started to get very much involved in. Pushing for. These. Developments. So. And. Particularly the one. She’s got to. Like. So. We finally got a pass. We. Actually run around 9/11 2001. We submitted. A development plan. It was a very ambitious plan. With. An accomplice about 10 miles of. And. Around 700 acres. And it would. Include. Canceling a golf course trains. Honestly Oklahoma City and cottages and all sorts of additional development. We got. A lot of coverage in the press. Some of it we saw something we didn’t know. There was a lot of excitement that. Is going to be a major development happening. If. The. Lease. Is approved. With the lease process. That’s a whole nother. Discussion. Try and. Cover that in the next segment. But we set about. Two. Things. For years. Also Destry. Said that they need. These. Calls. Are. Obviously. Plans. Other. Development plans. Frankly we saw very little that was streamlined. Or. Not. Required because there was so much. We did exert it to toss the district became more and more. Property. Became more and more. Cartner. We understand that this was awkward for them because they really hadn’t had this kind of encouragement. And again they had no money going towards. Making this happen. So in the next segment we’ll discuss further what processes we had to go through in order to get this lady’s in some form Michel.¬†Oklahoma Marinas.