Oklahoma Marinas | exceptional care

Care last segment. We were talking a little bit about the. Just the design and the cleanliness of what we have tried to achieve it. Well we have. Our first Oklahoma Marina was. At Sky 2. And of course continues to grow and thrive and develop. It’s it’s coming up on its 12th year in business and yet visitors think it’s brand new. So we we really work hard to maintain a standard of cleanliness and timeless design. We’ve done the same in Oklahoma. Marina was the one at Keystone. With both of those you’ll see very similar design standards. We we try and. Employ what I often tell our design folks were meeting which is the JFK test. And that may sound a little strange but John Kennedy was known as whether it was his watch or his clothing or his shirt or whatever that he went with the traditional timeless design you’d never seen wearing a funny hat. He he was very much in both his personal mannerisms and his fashion was timeless. And that’s why you can see him today and it doesn’t look like something from 57 years ago. It looks like a man who’s attired very much like you would expect a well-tailored man to be fashionably dressed. Today we try to use that same standard. Oklahoma Marinas. And our construction Our buildings are our layouts. We try and go with timeless design architecture. We work very very hard at keeping everything extremely clean. Obviously we we maintain an employment practice where people are very courteous but they’re also wearing the appropriate garb logo garb not. You know sometimes we have to get dirty and we have closed do that but we really try and maintain a level of quality and a standard that’s very unusual unfortunately unusual in the marina industry. So I don’t care what Oklahoma Marina you visit. You’re going to see. A lot of what I would call unfortunate development. See a lot of metal buildings floating. Nothing wrong with metal but there’s a way to facade that that is a lot more pleasing to the eye. And frankly I don’t think that the Corps of Engineers or others that have jurisdiction pay much attention to those things they probably rightfully so they’re more focused on is the electrical systems working properly as it safe are the are the docs such that somebody is not going to step through a board or the bridge is listing or straight. Those are good fundamental things. And frankly some of those things aren’t met but those are good fundamental things to be considering. But the cleanliness of the place should be a measure frankly the. Appearance is very very low on the checklist when there is the annual inspection by the Corps of Engineers and that needs to be higher on that list. It’s a different age in terms of the use of likes than it once was. Oklahoma Marinas. The economic benefit to like development now to communities is very pronounced as I mentioned and one of the earlier segments we’ve seen the land values within a. Two mile radius of our Oklahoma Marina known as as Sky Harbor or keystone or skees known as cross timbers Harbor. I’ll get it too many projects Cross Timbers Harbor. That is a. An incredible economic record of going from assess land values of 16 million to 125 million in just 11 years. Better than an eight fold increase a million and a half new dollars coming into Sky toucans Sperry schools. So we no longer can look at marinas like we looked at a maybe back in the 1950s 60s and 70s is just you know places that need to float to How’s your boat but don’t need to be particularly nice. Americans have. Have. Oklahoma Marinas. Continued to grow in their desires for quality. When I was a kid convenience stores weren’t very well known but when they started to emerge you didn’t see convenient stores that had landscaping and beautiful signage and all. Same with service stations very unusual to have a very neat nice service station. The times have changed and Americans expect and I think rightfully so that when they drive into a marina that it’s paved. That is clean. That it’s maintained that the signage is good that the architecture is is hopefully nice if not unique and that it has that kind of timeless customer oriented quality that we should look for in an Oklahoma Marina. But too often we don’t find. As I said one of the earlier segments we’ve got thirty three of the 35 marinas on Oklahoma core lakes that are 30 years or older and frankly 32 of those are 40 to 70 years of age. Oklahoma Marinas. That doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been improvements to them at times. I’m not sure some of them could even be still floating that are 60 and 70 years of age. But you will see a very. Tired recreational. Venture at so many of these locations around Oklahoma. I challenge you to go to Texas and see on the Texas side of Texoma it’s a great example of what I’m talking about on the Texas side of Texoma. You will see 15 of the 19 marinas that are on Texoma. Lake Texoma. There are only four on the Oklahoma side even though Oklahoma has more land on that like than Texas. Texans like them or hate them. They they do believe in quality. They do have a can do spirit and of those 15 Morini marinas. Several are newer marinas and they’re the ones capturing that huge Dallas Fort Worth and north Texas growing market. Oklahoma should be capturing that. If what you’re going to see there on the Oklahoma sadder for very tired marinas you’ll see an old broken down Oklahoma lodge resort that was built in the 1950s and is just deplorable. You’ll see rental cabins that are. Frankly worn out and dirty. Oklahoma Marinas. You see this at many of our lakes just very very tired development. If we want to continue to grow and be successful as a state we’ve got to demand more of ourselves. And certainly on public lands more quality if we’re going to attract people from other states or frankly keep the people that live in Oklahoma using Oklahoma resorts and Myrrhina developments. Oklahoma Marinas. When we started with our first Oklahoma Marina we had the opportunity to start on a blank slate. And we took that opportunity we use that canvas. We think very well we were dedicated to making something as beautiful that was sitting on that like is that like was beautiful. We think the nomination for the green award. In 2009 out of 383 corps likes were the only nomination shows the level of quality that we tried to bring to that development. We think the economic benefits to the community have been measurable and massive. And we think if we didn’t do the kind of architecture and design that we did it wouldn’t have stood out and people from these 13 states that bought lots adjoining our marina are Oklahoma Myrrhina they’re at it cross timbers Harbor would not have come in and bought up those 89 lots and build homes up to $3 billion they wouldn’t have taken on that much investment if they saw that there wasn’t a lot of investment and care. Immediately surrounding the marina that adjoins their home so good investment good quality leads to more investment and more quality. And we need to see more of that in Oklahoma. I don’t mean to preach on that. But we do hold ourselves up as examples of it does nothing but work. We’re saying at Keystone Harbor which we’ll talk about our other Oklahoma marina in coming segment. We have seen Jeli stone come in folks from Pennsylvania making a multi million dollar investment because Keystone Harbor immediately across the CO from them was in with a world class marina. So class Marina begets a world class water park that will bring campers from all over the nation that use jelly St. Had we not come in and put in a world class marina right across it’s very uncertain that jelly stone would have chosen to make that kind of investment. So it’s really incumbent on us those that are sitting on either state federal leases to do things in a very very World-Class manner they have to make money. But you can make money and stand out from the crowd by doing some really nice things with this gorgeous Lakeside land that we have with these leases.¬†Oklahoma Marinas.