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OK we’re picking back up on our discussion about the spring’s event center. The other demand that the folks at the Springs Events Center has for us on is from our Oklahoma Marina operations that are. At the harbor. Which you all remember Suntech actually bought that facility from us last year last July. However we’ll be working with them on housing some rental boats or we’ll be making some. Dock re-configurations over in the area just below the springs event so that we can houseboats over there which is part of our lease. We have the right to to put that in. We’re seeing that a lot of. Folks particularly the guys want to stay more than just a day for the wedding day. Oklahoma Marinas. The groom groomsmen the family members often want to go fishing. So we’re arranging guided fishing tours while they’re there. We’re working with them on rental boats particularly again as I mentioned in the earlier segment at our other Oklahoma marina at Keystone. We have put in a a new slide boat is what they’re called and they’re double decker pontoon boats very fun. So you climb up a stairway and you can actually slide into the water from the upstairs. They become very popular. I believe we may be the first or one of the first in Oklahoma that will offer that rental. And we want to put at least one over at the area of the sky two springs Events Center soon to have two event centers so that they can rent those and go out on the water. Obviously when the climate is right and enjoy cruising around the lake and having some fun play wise. So we’re looking at that as well as putting a skipper liner. Into service that will join. The cove that will separate the two main event centers there’s a small cove with very dramatic stacked boulders that will serve as kind of a separation area that Wish you all could see it it’s just a gorgeous location and really invite you to come out to our. Oklahoma Marinas. Both Oklahoma Marina projects that we have at Keystone as well as at Sky Sky too. It’s a lot bigger tour because we have again a much larger lease. It’s about 10 and a half miles of shoreline with trails and we have our Oklahoma Marina known as cross timbers harbor there as well as now the emerging and developing village area where the sky spring’s event centers one and soon to be two are located cottages are there we’re getting ready to expand camping and I might talk about that for a moment since we’re in the area of the village and the Tallchief Cove recreation area the recreational area is surrounded it has it has a very wide Cove about a half mile wide and on the other side of that cove on the west side is the zinc branch. And the zinc ranch is a fascinating story it’s about a 32000 acre ranch that was put together by a successful industrialist back in the 1930s 40s 50s and continues to have a land added to it. To this day as land becomes available the family the zinc family still operate it’s in trust but they keep adding to the small pieces that have time to the size of that ranch. That ranch has been the location for the boy scouts and the girl scouts to be able to come and recreate it there’s a zinc family ranch there that the family still uses. Oklahoma Marinas. There’s a gun club over there which is known as the red Castle gun club. That’s a real fabulous state of the art gun club. And so we’re we’re blessed to have that beautiful natural ranch that we look out on the water across Tallchief Cove onto that ranch. And then we know that that ranch is going to stay in perpetuity in trust so there will never be any unfortunate development that we’re looking at it’s going to stay very very beautiful very natural it’s big rolling hills lots of trees tall grass all the things that are indigenous to that area of sky to like and frankly that area of the northern part of Oklahoma up to the Kansas border. So it’s only 20 25 minutes from Tulsa to get to our Oklahoma marina. And yet you think you’re in the wild wild west. It’s very natural. Has had very little development and that development has not been unfortunate development. It’s been well done development. Oklahoma Marinas. So Oklahoma’s really blessed to have the sky to look like setting and to have the beauty of that achieve area overlooking that that ranch what we plan to do in the Tallchief area is add as many as 100 camp sites. Right now the Corps reports to us on their camp sites that they operate there at tall chief. Again adjoining our Oklahoma Marina project. They report that they turn away at least two and maybe three campers for every one they can take care of due to budget cuts. The Corps does not have the funding to keep those campgrounds open year round. And yet with all time record highs and RV sales and with the baby boomers and even the generation X Xorn really like liking to get out into the outdoors and have an RV or a camp site experience the corps cannot add any campsites they just don’t have the money. Oklahoma Marinas. They can barely maintain the ones that they have. So this is another important component of a public private partnership. We will be providing them plans to expand on our lease which our lease adjoins their camping. Again as many as 100 at least 50 initially RV sites that will put everybody right on the water with a big view. We’ll also add some cottages at different price points and will likely put some Air stream trailers which we talked about in one of our earlier segments Air streams are very very iconic. They’re very popular very much in demand. Sadly Oklahoma has not provided a an overnight rental experience with Air streams we will be providing that ride on the like will it not only just our Oklahoma Marina project at sky but also our Oklahoma Marina project at Keystone harbor where weve already acquired seven of these trailers and were having them refinished polished and made presentable and yet thatll provide folks with a an overnight on the lake experience for as low as 100 120 dollars a night which fits about everybodys budget. They’ll hold easily a family of four or five two sleeping areas one one bathroom and it will also add some of the manufactured cottages that we’ve used over in our other Oklahoma Marina project. They’re at at cross timbers Harbor. They’ve been very popular. You’ll remember they’re very environmentally correct. They’re manufactured down of hardi plank siding. And that also allows us because of the price point on buying those we’re able to. Get folks on a you know not as manageable a budget as perhaps our cottages will be renting for our cottages or rent anywhere from 200 to five hundred dollars a night depending on one bedroom all the way up to four bedroom. Whereas these manufactured cottages we can do a two bedroom two bath for as low as 150 to 200 a night so a family can go in together and have a great experience everybody has their own bedroom their own bathroom. Oklahoma Marinas. And yet again be right on the like. So our goal always and our Oklahoma Marina projects is to have a wide variety of choices and affordability. Back on our other Oklahoma ring a project a keystone harbor for instance we have found there’s good demand for open slips unroofed slips lots of fishing at Keystone there. The demographic is a little different than sky too. At least it is today. And so more people are budget conscious over there. So accordingly we’re going to be adding over their 20 day use type of celeb’s. But we will actually be able to rent these on an annual basis to folks for around twelve hundred dollars per year. That makes it very affordable. It’s hard to find a storage for your boat for less than 80 or 100 dollars a month. And so to have your boat in the water next to a big cramped where you can take it out of the water and in your own protected slip because we have a very protected. Cove at that Oklahoma marina at Keystone. We’re very excited to offer that to folks so we always try and keep an ear cocked towards budgets and what people want what experiences that we keep hearing repeatedly that they would like to have on the like. Mixed in with that very critically is giving them options to where they can share in cost with family or friends or have something if they just want to be on their own that is affordable for everybody’s budget. We see that as a part of our. Charge with having such a large amount of lease space is we have it. Oklahoma Myrrhina at Keystone Harbor and the Oklahoma marina at the harbor at cross timbers on sky like.¬†Oklahoma Marinas