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Well were picking back up on our series on the development of our Oklahoma Marina project at Keystone Harbor beautiful Keystone like flooded beautiful Keystone like in our other Oklahoma Marina project known as the the cross timbers Harbor. It is a. The largest marina now in Oklahoma it’s the one that I built. Obviously along with the key partner Dustin huff over about a 12 year period and we sold it a year ago to Suntec a wonderful company out of Dallas Texas. So I thought I’d talk a little bit about the restaurant business on lakes and I chuckle only because it is a challenging business. When we built our first Oklahoma marina which is again the cross timbers Harbor we went to what I viewed was my favorite and finest restaurant because we had had a market study that said that sky to gleich is not viewed. Negatively or positively it has actually no real connotation in people’s minds. So we were working with a blank slate. So we determined Let’s go and get the best restaurant tour that we thought there was in the Tulsa area back there. They have a restaurant now and the hard rock cafe area of the Cherokee Casino. And so they are known as very very good restaurants tours fine steak seafood really high end bar and grill environment. That company was McGill’s and we went to how Walker and Greg McGill the namesake of McGill’s Greg is the top operating officer. And I would call how the CFO kind of the money behind the operation. I think they’ve grown to two or three restaurants around the Tulsa area. So there was a lot of excitement back in after we built our our five story lighthouse restaurant at our Oklahoma Marina. It’s Cross Timbers Harbor. Lot of excitement when we announced that McGill’s was coming to the light. They came. What we experienced was some loyal following from Tulsa. But frankly it was so high end both in price and decor that a lot of people didn’t feel. You know it was a comfortably appropriate casual enough if you will. So after a year of operating and we had some weekend nights where we exceeded their other two restaurants so it was very popular in season. We found that it was very seasonal that we couldn’t maintain much traffic there after we got to late September October. Oklahoma Marinas. That’s been the case with that restaurant pretty much year in and year out. We’ve had some quality operators. We had Leons which operates out of Tulsa. They operated for a year. We’ve had individuals operate for one two sometimes three years. That’s a tough business. And what makes it tough is it’s feast or famine. You do real well at our Oklahoma Marina during the season obviously with five hundred and twelve slips. That’s pretty easy to maintain along with lots of rental boats and lots of area traffic. Pretty easy to maintain a pretty good market share during the boating season. However during the quiet time we’re just far enough away from sky to and Tulsa and population that it’s hard to get people to get in their car and drive 12 or 15 minutes when there are restaurants closer to them and sky two or Sperry or a Owasso or in the Tulsa midtown or downtown areas. So that’s been our experience today. That is now Sun Texas operation. I understand that they have reached out and gotten a fine local restaurant tour to come in and we wish them well. Oklahoma Marinas. I do think is more event centers are built. And we’ve already talked about the dramatic increase in the amount of residences immediately adjoining. You’ll remember that. At our Oklahoma Marina it crossed timbers harbor if you took a two mile radius from that Marina the land values have gone from 16 million in 2005 to they were measured it at a hundred and twenty five million just last year. So very dramatic amount of almost all of that is based on residences that have been built taking ag land that was going tax property tax wise being making payments of a dollar to a year per acre and turning it into some very very high end properties which then provides some very very handsome property tax which goes back to the schools and to the county government. So we’re very excited now about the restaurant business as it relates to our other Oklahoma marina that being at Keystone harbor and Keystone Harbor. We are very flattered and excited that starting this year we will have Brownie’s restaurant and brownies is a great. Great name in Tulsa. It’s rare that I find somebody that I can’t mention brownies to unless they’re a new Tolleson that don’t immediately go Oh I’ve eaten at Brownies. Brownies is great Brownies was family owned and opened in 1956 at 23rd in Harvard and I grew up at 11th in Harvard. Oklahoma Marinas. So brownies and I was four years old when they opened. So Brownie’s has been there literally as long as I can remember and I’m 65. So we were very flattered that Brownie’s wanted to come in the two original owners that develop brownies over the years. Sold it a few years ago and they were obviously getting well up in age and they sold it to a fine couple. The Oakley’s and it’s Debre and dusty and they’re just wonderful people good family oriented friends. Brownie’s is known because they make their own root beer and they’re also known for their hamburgers. Now they now have side song do they maintain the side at 23rd in Harvard. But they also have gone in with a dressed up Burger King burgers are their specialty at Utica Square. And there they have their gourmet burgers and you can get a burger any kind of style you can imagine. They also are known for their French fries of all things and also people has a French fry competition and last year they came in second place. They have the driest finest French fries you can imagine. So we’re very pleased that they’re coming out to our two story floating restaurant at our Oklahoma Marina known as Keystone Harbor and they will be operating it starting the middle of this month as soon as the floodwaters recede here in May. They should be opening that planned open May 12th. I assume that will now be more like May 19th May 20th but they’ll be opening ahead of Memorial Day. Oklahoma Marinas. And because they serve breakfast lunch and dinner their hopes as they join the Manford community. That is the community where that Oklahoma Marina is located. They have a growing population in Manford and then sand Springs is within 15 20 minutes. And a lot of population in between. So they they have hopes that this will be a year round venue for them. We certainly hope that is the case. They are adding soft ice cream which is a real delight. Wherever you are particularly when you’re out and the like to have a shake to have the soft ice cream option. And then as they put it they’ll have a number of adult drinks because we do have a liquor license and we have an upstairs downstairs bar service area. And so they’ll be doing some pretty fun and exotic drinks with alcohol as well as just traditional ice cream drinks and floats and cones and all the rest. For those that don’t care to imbibe So I’m extremely pleased and thrilled as a lifelong Tolleson to have brownies coming to the like to that Oklahoma marina that we have on Keystone. Oklahoma Marinas. And to get to know Debra and dusty better because Dusty started working at rib crib and so he is probably now I would guess around 40 and so he has literally made a career of food services. His wife who’s his business partner was a schoolteacher from her background and now she has joined in the family business continually as I mentioned they have their location at Utica square with their gourmet burgers. They have their historic and traditional location at 23rd in Harvard and they have a location that is out around 70 first in memorial. I should know that address exactly that it’s out on 17th Street. So we’ll be their fourth location and we are just extremely excited and please that will be the first Oklahoma Marina to be presenting the Brownie’s experience. And we know it’s going to be a real hit and very popular and we hope that it’s there on a year round basis. For everybody to enjoy.¬†Oklahoma Marinas