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OK we’re resuming our discussions regarding our Oklahoma marina at. Keystone Harbor. And our Oklahoma marina at beautiful sky to gleich. First Oklahoma Marina Keystone Harbor has about five years old. The. Older Oklahoma Marina is our one at cross timbers on Sky to gleich known as the harbor and it is about 12 years old the oldest docks or 12 years we built it over a series of expansions. And so some of the doctors knew as five six years old. Same with Keystone Harbor. We started with our first hundred and thirty slips. Now we’ve grown to close to 200 slips in a series of expansions each year. So both projects have gone very very well. We are very pleased that unlike a number of the Oklahoma Myrrhina projects that you see around the country everything that we have is is new. We have at Keystone Harbor which I was talking about in our previous. Podcast. There we have a floating restaurant. A floating dock shop store and we have now we’re going to be approaching 200 slips at the end of this season. Oh slips vary in size from 20 by 80 foot. Down to 10 about twenty six. And we have. In our. Big restaurant operation we have a about an 18 hundred square foot restaurant downstairs and a similar size upstairs. So it’s very dramatic two two stories open air upstairs looking out to the east to the harbor area. We’re very excited about our new neighbor and that is Jeli stone the newest. Water park camping experience in Oklahoma on an Oklahoma core like. Great folks Bethan Bob Arayan family owned business and they’re putting in an unbelievable water park that water park will have about six thousand one hundred square feet. Of Water experiences. And they. They are extremely good at what they do and that they built the most successful jelly stone and the jelly stone national experience at their Pennsylvania. Camping and water park development. So they’re really incredible folks. They have joined with us in what we’re now going to be calling. Keystone Harbor district. Tulsa area like a lot of areas and other cities around the country like to have districts we have our downtown district in our district. Have districts for Brookside and other areas around Tulsa. This is the first Oklahoma Marina. Development that we’re aware of that actually uses the district concept. What that means is you can go on the water and go from our Keystone Harbor restaurant. And Marina experience by boat. You get head over to. You can you can head over to. Oklahoma Marinas. The new development known as jelly stone that the Ryons zone by boat. You could go grab a meal. Other places you could go over to Pier 51 by boat and eat at their restaurant. You could go over to a new development called or rather an existing restaurant development called Freddy’s been very popular for many years there on the east edge of the Manford community by land and then also they have docks so you can pull up and go get a cocktail or a fine meal at Freddy’s. All these folks have joined with us in creating this district. And so having a light district on the edge of Tulsa is another really neat feature of the lifestyle in the Tulsa metro area. And so we were very pleased to bring that to Oklahoma and area residents. It will be something that. I think will be remembered for years that the beginning of the district concept with multiple businesses working together that have water sites to bring forth a very unique and multi-dimensional Lake experience. So we’re we’re very pleased with the participants. I might talk a little further here about a key. Participant in all of that that has also had the vision and us with our investment to bring a dinner cruise experience to keystone of the Oklahoma Marina projects that you see all across the state. The only ones that I’m aware of that have a even a bit of a dinner experience is grand like his had the old paddle wheel Cherokee Queen experience for a number of years. Oklahoma Marinas. I don’t know if it’s operational today. I’ve heard different things about it. It certainly has been around for many many years and was a fine experience on Grand like. The challenge for it is that grand like even though it has population up there with Miami and Grove is more or less a weekend venture. And so I think it operates pretty much just on the weekends. The other one that I’m aware of is a kind of a mini food river cruise experience in the Oklahoma City area. But again nothing like what is being brought forward now. And if Keystone harbor or Oklahoma MYRRHINA at Keystone harbor where the first lady and the first lady is the name of a skipper liner that has been totally remodeled is just beautiful and allows up to 50 people to have a dinner cruise or event. On board the traditional cruise that they offer. And I believe it’s at least Friday and Saturday nights that they do this. Individuals can buy a meal and have a two hour cruise. I’m not sure of the price. I think it’s around $59 per person. But that’s a very unusual unique and exciting experience in Oklahoma. It’s a shame for us to have these wonderful lakes and not do things that we’re seeing done in other major cities almost all major cities that have a lake or a river feature. Oklahoma Marinas. Play to that. They they will have a skipper liner which is the type of boat that we employ at Keystone harbor that Oklahoma marina that we call Keystone harbor and it’s a very. Unique thing in communities to have that if they’ve got whether it’s Houston or. A at table rock lake in the Branson area St. Louis Chicago you name it they all have dinner cruise experiences. So we felt it was high time that the Tulsa area market had that. And so we’re very excited that Mike and Sarah Reynolds who started a much smaller dinner cruise out of our marina just last year and was very successful. Agreed to captain and co own what is our skipper liner known as the first lady. And it just now started service. It’s going very very well. We obviously have high water right now so once the lake recedes they can get about their normal weekend service dinner service. They also are available for. Cruises for group gatherings weddings rehearsal dinners those types of activities so it’s it provides a real unique dinner venture and I’m very proud that our Oklahoma Myrrhina Keystone Harbor is the site of that leading edge dinner experience for the Oklahoma market. And again is the only true luxury cruise dinner experience that you can have on an Oklahoma like. Oklahoma Marinas. This gets back to the social and economic benefits of private development on these likes. Without the private investment and the skipper liner. It never would would have happened. I might talk a minute about skipper liners liner’s that is a boat manufacturer of a number of years out of Wisconsin and they build everything from. Smaller houseboats all the way up to Ocean going cruise ships. You can go on their Web site or just google skipper liner and you’ll see a wide variety of models. They have built literally thousands of of ships. Skipper aligner is known as having a steel haul and the steel haul if maintained. Obviously with autem jobs and good maintenance will last as long as we’ve often seen ships Alas that are in the United States Navy. Oklahoma Marinas. It was not unusual for ships in World War One to be used again in World War 2. And we’ve seen ships that were new in world war to use until fairly recent years. So the whole life when maintained is very very long and that that is the skipper liner. Unlike a lot of manufacturers that manufacture with fiberglass. Or manufacture with other types of materials they just don’t last as long. So the skipper liner that we have is a half inch thick still haul and so it is the one that we purchased we purchased out of Kentucky and it was one that had been only slightly used. Sadly the fellow that had commissioned it died while it was being built and his widow used it very sparingly it was moved to a lake in Kentucky. ALBIN Barkeley like and. That. Second owner also used it sparingly. He was a wealthy Florida native would go to Kentucky and use up for maybe two weeks out of the year. In recent years hadn’t even used it that much. The ship was built in 2001. Oklahoma Marinas. ¬†It is in immaculate condition. It’s been totally upgraded and inside so that you feel like you’re in a fine hotel suite when you’re. There in the main cabin. It’s got three bathrooms. Three bedrooms. Like I said A. A. Fantastic upstairs deck. You can. Captain the boat from upstairs or downstairs which is a nice experience and they have seating for I believe 12 people and the interior downstairs where the three bathrooms are they have seating for a kind of a quaint captain’s table on the front portion of the boat for four. And then upstairs they can see about 40 people. So it is a wonderful experience that has two staircases. Hanging on the back is a Boston Whaler and it is just a truly a world class ship that we’re very fortunate to bring forward for public use at our Oklahoma marina at Keystone harbor. So that is one of many stories that we’ll be talking about in terms of unique features of both Oklahoma Marina projects at Sky two as well as at Keystone and we’ll we’ll cover those here and in soothing sessions the excitement that we have for our development is unabated, and it is so refreshing to see people get so excited that we’re bringing Oklahoma some of the features that they’ve seen on the water in other cities and other states that never before in Oklahoma.¬†Oklahoma Marinas