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Well are picking back up on our. Oklahoma Marina’s series regarding our two Marina projects and related developments at Sky to gleich it’s the harbor at cross timbers and at Keystone we call it Keystone Harbor which is also the site of the Keystone Harbor district. We talked about one of our earlier segments. The exciting thing about tall chief camping is I was saying in the last segment. Is that it just is a an incredibly magnificent site. You literally have the water stretching all the way around you. I would guess maybe 270 degrees of water. Oklahoma Marinas. Because that site looks down on the big part of the like as well as it looks way back into a very wide cove that’s called Tallchief Cove very popular probably is popular camping area according to the Corps of Engineers as there is in Oklahoma. Accordingly with their ever more limited resources due to the 20 trillion dollar federal budget deficit they still put money back in there when they can. Recent years they built a couple of real nice state of the art bathhouses. This was the Corps of Engineers and they actually upgraded their electrical. Lot of times you go camping. For those of you that have RV and you’ll find that sadly it maybe only has 30 amp service and you really need preferably 50 and 30 amp is is the ideal from what I understand. I’m not a camper but I’ve talked to a lot of folks that that define what you what you need. So what we hope to do is with the merging of the village area with an expanded camping area at tall chief we’ll start to have a very full array of rental boats boat storage obviously two event centers very nice cottages surrounding those event centers and then smaller cottages. All of this for public use out on tall chief adjoining some very nice new RV sites. We’re also looking in the past as I had mentioned we have done private developments that enjoying our lease. We’re looking at some private land right now that adjoins the Tallchief area. Oklahoma Marinas. That would be very exciting in that we could provide people longer stays than is allowed under the Corps of Engineers rules. The Corps only allows you to be. I believe it’s 14 days at a camp. Then you have to move to another site or obviously go home. The reason they do that is that they are very diligent in wanting to ensure that no one gets a particular uninterrupted use at the expense of others that would like to have a camping experience. We all know that Lakes are a great place to recharge your batteries. Again we’ve talked before about our Oklahoma Marina how much we hear from our customers that it’s so. Invigorating to them to be able to come out to the marina. A lot of Oklahoma Marina projects are at least an hour and a half to two hours away from any population. Our goal has always been to try and have our projects our Oklahoma Myrrhina projects be within 30 to no more than 40 minutes of major population. The reason we do that is one we think it’s a good business strategy and two it allows people in on summer evenings those long summer evenings where it doesn’t get fully dark till 9:00. They can actually leave their work at 5:00 or 5:30 go home pick up the kids go out enjoy their boat for two or three hours on the like put the boat up. And then be back in their own bed and ready for work the next day. Oklahoma Marinas. Similarly if you’re teaching Sunday school on Sundays or. You have soccer or baseball with the for the kids to have a boat slip or a cottage that adjoins. The community that you live in is a huge advantage. And so often I admire these other lakes that have you know an Oklahoma Marina project that’s world class but I don’t admire them as much. They’re an hour and a half to two hours away because I’ve just heard too many of our customers say the reason that I’m at. Your Oklahoma Marina project its guide to Grieger Oklahoma Marina project at Keystone Harbor is because I live in Sandy Springs or I live in Owasso. I live in Tulsa and I find that when I used marinas to have a lake experience at 10 Kellar or you Falah or grand or Hudson that I didn’t use it as often because the drive was just a little bit too too long. Oklahoma Marinas.So most of our customers stay our customers because not just the quality. Hopefully both the customer quality as well as the physical facility quality but because we are very adjacent. We also work very hard to keep our prices reasonable. A lot of people come out to either of our Oklahoma Marina projects and they expect that we’re going to charge half again as much as the competition because we’re new and we’re clean and we’re nice and everyone’s wearing logo wear and again it’s somewhat of a country club kind of experience. They’re pretty amazed to find that our rental boats rent for the same prices is a competition that our slips rent for about the same prices as a competition. And our cottages rent for the same price as our competition. Even though we have worked hard to make each of those a an outstanding feature to for the customer. So they’re pleasantly surprised that our two Oklahoma Myrrhina projects are so affordable. I’m amazed frankly at what people spend on weddings. Oklahoma Marinas. But just the same I know that even the folks that own and operate our spring’s events project seem to be projects also charge market rates even though their setting is beyond compare in fact they recently won the best in Oklahoma setting award beautiful setting award and that just the same. Their prices are very. Competitive to some of the other post oak lodges and some of the other fine facilities that they compete with. So that’s been important to us we really appreciate and respect and remember that we’re on public land although we hold the lease in although we have the right for development and are developing that we still are. Responsible to not just the customers that we have but to the taxpayers that actually own that lake. So we’re in essence just on a long term borrowing plan. So we feel it’s particularly incumbent on us to really maintain high level quality services that at market prices we feel that it’s incumbent on us to have selections that fit about everybody’s budget. Because tax payers at all income levels have a right to use those likes. And so we we employ that philosophy that it’s up to us to maintain our Oklahoma Marina projects and a world class manner that at Oklahoma prices and that has helped make us successful and helped continue to make us grow. We never planned to lose sight of that haven’t lost sight of that in the past. I might talk briefly about the need for camp sites just generally ancor likes. There’s a very growing problem now as we all know with a massive federal deficit. I guess we again just recently extended the spending program pretty much unchecked for another few months and it doesn’t seem like whether we have Republicans and or Democrats and that much happens on cutbacks and that deficit spending that is so caught up that initial services now or. Are the the the most basic of services are starting to be threatened. I’ve always thought it was kind of funny that they say well we’re going to start cutting essential services. I would hope that any service at a business much less a public entity provides are essential or don’t do them. But anyway we know that they talk more and more about we’re going to cut essential services we’re going to have to cut entitlements we’re not going to cut what that means to the great and growing demand for RV sites and for boat slips as we see it our Oklahoma Marina projects continues to grow that demand as I’ve said before a lot of marinas are kind of falling apart or in disrepair. People are wanting to recreate closer and closer to home so it’s putting more and more pressure on businesses such as ours to build more and more services using private money. We know recently the State of Oklahoma last year they had a $1.3 billion deficit. This year it’s projected to be about 867 million dollar deficit. So they’re having to not be able to provide the salary increases for teachers and essential services so in the next segment I want to talk more about how important it is for the private sector now to get more involved and be invited in more and more to make investment for like recreation on publicly owned.¬†Oklahoma Marinas