Oklahoma Marinas | bang for your buck

Care we’re back talking about our Oklahoma Marina project known as cross timbers Harbor. We’ll also be talking about our other Oklahoma Marina Keystone harbor in this segment. It is a. Tremendously rewarding to have been involved in what we talked about in our last segment which is the honor cottage that resides at our Oklahoma Marina project known as the cross timbers Harbor. It is now been used that cottage has been used so far by over 300 families. And they’ll stay up to oh I think as long as five days has happened. We try and not have anybody stay too long because there’s such tremendous pent up demand for it. But I know that people have come literally from all over the United States that are that are our heroes that served in Iraq or and and or Afghanistan and either have had some grievous injuries or some psychological challenges from that service to all of us. So that is a project that is not only unique to cross timbers we’re not aware of any other cottage that’s been literally built all with private. Oklahoma Marinas. ¬†Investment private generosity and is exclusively for the purpose of the heroes from Iraq and Afghanistan of course those heroes continue that service over there. Although it’s not as intense as it was it continues and sadly we continue to lose servicemen over there we certainly have injuries and so we’re at least pleased that this cottage was allowed to be built by the Corps of Engineers and again through the generosity of sun techs the cooperation of folds of honor and of a laso that that cottage exists and will continue to exist to serve serve our heroes and their families our little way of saying thank you for for that incredible service. So after we had our development become so successful at Sky tuque again our Oklahoma Marina that’s known as cross timbers Harbor. We were very pleased to continue to expand on our lease. One very interesting project that we undertook was the creation of Lakeside trails and Greg Bursey whom I mentioned earlier who was a real head of the vision to get Sky to like. Oklahoma Marinas. Proclaimed a demonstration like back in 2000 2001. Greg is a very very dedicated. Civil servant. He has been with the Corps of Engineers. I want to say close to 30 years. He’s given tremendous service. He loves the like. He is a very concerned environmentalist but a very prudent and practical practitioner of that environmental science so he was a real key for us in helping us reclaim what was the original dozer bulldozer trail that goes all the way around the like. A Sky took like 168 miles of shoreline. So. Rangers like Greg have a big task just to maintain the like most of the area around the lake has a barbed wire fence. You’re not permitted to cross the barbed wire fence even if you’re in adjoining landowner without special permission. Greg and the team have to make sure that people aren’t clear cutting timbers. Down on the area of the lake that is maintained by the federal government principally for flood control. So he’s got big big duties already and lots to do. Oklahoma Marinas. And yet Greg through our initial development. Was a key visionary and leader on all aspects of the lease. He. Knew more about the trail area that basically stretches from for those of you familiar with Sky to like where are Oklahoma Marina is located. There is a Area known as tall chief and it’s a very very popular campground there’s about 57 campsites there are hardly stretches all the way out into the area. That does not have camping at all cheap. That goes all the way to tall chief cove on the basically the south west end and then goes all the way to the dam. Our lease jumps the dam. And then we have about 250 acres as the shoreline proceeds back to the west and curves around into go back to the north. So very very large lease area. Our initial plan and our what we have done today was to add public use trails. Along the area from the south edge of the dam all the way over to Tallchief village. That’s about a four and a half mile stretch. In doing that because the lake at the time that we reclaim the trails was already about 30 years of age. There were along the dozer trail some pretty good sized trees had grown up and so we had to use literally a dozer to go along the trail system. And our goal was to let. Folks have an experience of walking hiking electric cart trail experience going all the way around our ultimate development at tall chief which I’ll talk about in ensuing segments all the way back around to the dam itself. In doing that we found that there was two areas on the trails where apparently the folks that had mapped it had missed the the needed area to keep to keep a person able to stay on the trails a whole way through. In other words we had to cross a ravine at one place and then another place the land got. Was so side hill that we had to build a retaining wall and build a trail up both of those were cooperatively done through Gragg in Preston Hunter and the Corps. Oklahoma Marinas. ¬†And so now you can literally go on our trails all the way around about a four and a half mile trek. What’s neat about the trail system is that it. It has and that’s the reason for the name Cross Timbers is it has the ancient trees marked and the way that that was done. Is that the Corps of Engineers has the coring now not coursey or Peace Corps c o r e the core capability to core those trees does not hurt the Tourie but to determine the age of the trees. The cross timbers ecosystem and again thus our name has ancient oak trees and cedar trees that go back as much as five hundred years of age. In fact we have one tree that is over 400 years of age that was caught on our site when we initially got the lease we had to determine with Forresters on the 700 acres which trees might be candidate trees to be at least 200 years of age. Those were identified. And that record is now kept to where we know the age of every tree by its location. Or at least a good estimate of its age. Only until you core the tree with this device and it’s just like. Taking and screwing into the trunk of the tree and taking out his little piece that’s probably an eighth of an inch in radius rather in diameter. And so it’s a very very small amount is taken out by microscope you can then determine the age of the tree. Oklahoma Marinas. Fascinating science. How dependable is that. Well they found that when they would take a sample tree and actually cut it in half. And then be able to exactly measure the Rings by age that when they core it they’ve been able to come within seven years of the age of the tree dependably within seven years. Amazing. So trees that are three four hundred years of age can be cord and to determine that age. And then we put the date in front of the tree on a cedar post sign that estimates that birth date of the tree. So as you walk along our trails it’s amazing feature. This cross timbers ecosystem really jumps out at you because you see up to a hundred trees that have been coord and from those Corning’s determine their age. So it’s not unusual that you’re seeing trees that were born at the time that George Washington was born 1732 or you’ll see trees that are in some of our younger trees but would be 09 the year of Abraham Lincoln’s birth. So it’s it’s very very neat. And in our Oklahoma Marina. Cross Timbers Harbor dock shop there’s actually a corner of it where a tree has been cross section cut. And each of the different ages starting with 1732 the year that George Washington was born is Mark number one and then each ensuing moment in history is shown at different rings on the tree and so you’ll see you know JFK was shot in Dallas for the 1963 ring you’ll see 1945 Japan surrenders. You’ll see all of these various ages and dates and history portrayed you know 1812 the burning of the White House so a fascinating history and particularly for our young people they really enjoy seeing these old trees and then starting to get in touch with just how much history these living trees have seen. We’ll talk about that and some ensuing segments on our Oklahoma Marinas.