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We’re back talking about our experiences with our trail system at our Oklahoma Marina known as cross timbers Harbor. We of course have the other of our two marinas our other Oklahoma marinas Keystone Harbor. We’re very very pleased with the trails the trail experience has been wonderful on a number of fronts. First of all it allowed us to let folks know why we’re called Cross Timbers. And again that’s because of the ecosystem the cross timbers ecosystem is the tall grass of course we see that up in northern Oklahoma all the way to the Kansas border where the big tall grass prairie preserve. Any of you that have done that will appreciate what I’m talking about those that haven’t. You need to go see it. The grazing Buffalo. You pretty much can join the that ecosystem at Musca. But the other interesting thing that a lot of people don’t. Appreciate until they hear more about it is that we have some very very ancient trees in this ecosystem and they particularly proliferate around our lease our 700 acre lease that our Oklahoma Marina called Keystone or made called Cross Timbers harbor all the way along that Lakes over into cross timbers village and over into our wilderness area. So we have identified those trees as I said in the previous segment. The Corps of Engineers was invaluable in that particularly like manager Greg Bertschi because he personally did the coring of the Turris. He’s quite a forester and determine their age. We have about a thousand trees identified and are seven hundred acres that are candidate trees. You don’t know with. You don’t know with exactness until you actually call the tree which does not hurt the tree but usually you can tell a an ancient tree one that’s two three hundred years or even older because the top of it will be out. It’s still living that usually a tornado or a lightning strike something’s happened to that 250 300 350 year old tree that’s taken a big portion of the top of the canopy out. And then you’ll also see limbs that have fallen that have huge knob like heeled over places. And when you see that the trunk size you would think would. Help determine that. But that can be deceiving. We have had trees that have gone up to 250 years of age. That are not small but are relatively small versus the age of the tree. The reason for that is anybody that knows Osage County knows that you only have to dig about six inches down to hit rock. It is a very very rocky terrain. It provides beautiful hillsides you know wonderful topography but it is a it’s a bugger if you’re trying to farm or or grow very many different things. It takes a lot of prep of the land in order to get anything very beneficial to come out of the out of the land accordingly with trees. These trees are very shallow rooted even though they can be very ancient because I’ve had to fight their way for every inch of soil to grow in. And accordingly they they’re very easy to disturb. So we have to be very careful when we’re doing our construction a part of our agreement with the Corps of Engineers is we do not take down an ancient tree without approval. Again we have already surveyed all of our acreage so we know the trees that are of record that could meet that criteria. But we make sure that we. Err on the side of caution by staying way away from their dew points and all because we do not want to lose these trees and lose this history. So we we build our development around these trees not the other way around. That does not mean that we don’t take trees down at times we have to in order to open up views. What we have done traditionally and we’re not required to do this but we do it is we easily plant two to three trees for every one tree we take down. So we just try and make sure that we keep it heavily forested at times we’ll plant redbuds where we maybe took down a hack berry or some other type of tree because we are wanting to provide as much color and beauty to the area for the public’s enjoyment that come to our Oklahoma marina at Keystone harbor and at it at our harbor project there at Sky to gleich known as cross timbers So beauty is very very important. I might touch on that for a moment. A thing that a lot of people notice when they come into our Oklahoma marina at. Both sky take and our Oklahoma ring over at Keystone Harbor is a sign age and the landscaping while we’ve tried to do as we used at Sky to at that Oklahoma Marina we use massive boulders. And those are not hard to find. We’ll dig down with a piece of equipment and track hoe. Usually a very large track. And we can mine out of the ground very very large boulders. What we’ve done is we’ve cut the marina out of the hillside. We have stacked these boulders and it’s a part of the magnificence and the beauty of our sky to Carver project are these massive boulders some of them are bigger than a pickup truck just enormous. And we’ve had some very gifted construction workers that know how to stack this stone. We’ve used it extensively through our subdivision. Massive boulders even our storm water system is made out of these big boulders rather than poured concrete. We really like the natural look and it makes people that come here from other states just drop their jaw. So many people think Oklahoma is all desert. It’s funny to me flat and desert. We certainly have our flat areas as you go to the central and the western parts of the state you go down in the south in the southeast in the Northeast we’re very very hilly as we know where the foothills of the Ozarks so. Surprising to me that people have a whole shocked countenance when they’ve come here from another state. They see these massive boulders these big hills is beautiful like that on a clear day looks almost like Lake Tahoe just blue blue water. And it’s just not not anything that they expected that you would have in Oklahoma. We’ve enjoyed using the boulders. We’ve enjoyed the use of signage. We don’t do signs that are metal with very few exceptions we we like cedar signs very beefy posts. Signage is very important to display the character and the care of a development. Typically when you’re on a beautiful site like our Oklahoma marina at Sky to an our Oklahoma marina at Keystone harbor those are those are gorgeous sites with the big hills and lots of rocks of course a keystone we actually have sand beaches on top of it seems have a lot of beauty to work with. So the least you want to do is have folks that when they come in they see really nice design really. And your buildings very nice signage and a lot of landscaping. You know we were known as we’ll have potted plants on our docks and all around our buildings and all because again we had some color with that buff and sandstone background. It’s it’s very pleasing to the eye. The other thing we do is we really focus on cleanliness and you know we talked earlier about as being known as a clean Marina. But we also we we adopt with our employees the if you have time to lean you have time to claim we want things to be new and bright and clean, and frankly with the architecture is timeless as we can make it. And then we want the public to appreciate. Yeah they really care about cleanliness. Everybody’s been in a roadside place where the bathrooms were dirty and you just wonder oh my gosh how do they run a filling station with things that. That filthy. Our earliest philosophy with both of the Oklahoma Marina we have it sky two and they all called the marina we have at Keystone Harbor was that we wanted bathrooms that would satisfy the ladies in terms of the smell and cleanliness. I tell this story often that you know when you get guys to the like you’ve already got the guys and frankly it probably wouldn’t have to meet the standards that the ladies like. But we made for both the men and the women a cleanliness standard and a cleaning standard that makes this very unusual. And I don’t know why other marinas operate the way that they do why they’re not prouder of what they have because they are on. I always say that these lakes were built by God and finished by the Corps. And that’s really true. So you really should bring yourself up to a higher standard. But if you can make the ladies be pleased about the cleanliness of your buildings and the bathrooms and and then you’ve got the the ladies once you’ve got the ladies you’ve already got the guys as far as customers so that’s that’s our philosophy.