Oklahoma Marina | the best experience

OK we’re resuming on our discussions about our Oklahoma Marina projects and those two Oklahoma Marina projects are the harbor. At cross timbers on Sky tuque lake. And Keystone Harbor on the edge of the city of Manford on Keystone Light and it’s been very enjoyable to talk about our experiences governmental and in terms of manufacturing and I thought I might touch on this segment. Manufacturers of. Docs such as we have at our Oklahoma Marina projects. Are dock manufacturer originally at Sky tuque came about after a national search and that was Atlantic Mieko. They have since changed their their name back in those days. This was back in the early 2000s. They were known as Atlantic Mieko. I believe they still keep the Mieko name but they changed the Atlantic part. They’re out of McAlester Oklahoma. They had a long 50 plus year history of. Engineering and manufacturing marinas. You’ll see there marinas all around the country. In fact interestingly they even have built marinas for one of the Donald Trump projects since he’s become president. That makes that story a little bit more interesting and unique. What they. They did is that they lead in the development and actually at their McAlester Oklahoma National plant. They for a period of time actually manufactured. The encapsulated flotation. They were one of their employees at that time Roger Ross. They were instrumental in bringing to our attention that is we were building our Oklahoma marina at Sky to that that we might use. Some of their knowledge as to clean Marina programs. So the very first time we heard about what we have now adopted at both of our Oklahoma Marina projects that being clean Marina. That it was through Makos vision and leadership and the fact that they move around the country and see what people are doing that it was brought to our attention that we might try and adopt and adapt the. Clean Marina. Program. And so what we did is through Dustin Huff’s leadership who was our key leader that lead in the development of our two Oklahoma Myrrhina projects that it was dust and who better understood in the lead and that’s adapting that clean Marina program clean Marina doesn’t just mean that. You keep the marina clean which we certainly attempt to do. But it also means that it’s clean in terms of the environment that it has the least amount of impact on the environment as possible. And you do that initially by the encapsulated flotation that protects the material that you often see at older marinas from breaking up the floatation breaking up. Often you’ll see it’s got green algae on the Ducks like to feed on the algae and that. Disintegrates the material that much faster and that’s why you see a lot of docks listing and a lot of bridges listing. So it was through the folks at Atlantic Neco in Roger Ross in particular who was our salesman along with Steve Shoop that we look at that program and because we had already led through the school of Environmental Sciences on how we were going to develop our arteries at our Oklahoma Marina site at Sky to. That. That. It was Makos. Opinion that we might want to adopt those practices and we did. That’s been a little frustrating in that we did adopt it and then we brought it to the state of Oklahoma. And at that time the secretary of environment came out and reviewed what we did and just said oh we just don’t have any money to adopt a program like this. So we suggested well you might reach to one of the universities. Oklahoma State. Oh you teach you one of those as they’ve done in Texas at Texas Texes they’re clean Marina program is administered by Texas A&M University. And it’s been a very successful program for years. They award prizes for the best clean marinas and a number of marinas in Texas have adopted that program. Sadly we were without vision. It would appear today with the secretary of environment. This is under a previous governor because this individual said well we just don’t have the money for it and it was very clear just wasn’t wasn’t that desirous to see a world class program come to Oklahoma. So as far as I know we still don’t have an official certified. Oklahoma clean Marina program. However I’m hopeful that in the future we can encourage some of the leadership to adopt this program. I have met two and I intend to meet with the new secretary of environment energy and environment Mike Teague who’s a former colonel as I mentioned in a previous segment. A former colonel of the Tulsa district who had the vision to invite us to put another Oklahoma marina in place at Keystone. Back a few years ago. And I think he has shown the leadership and the desire that pointing out to him the benefits of adopting a clean Marina program for Oklahoma would be very beneficial to helping to maintain the the water quality that’s so important and important part of everything that we’ve done at our Oklahoma Marina projects has been to maintain as sterile and clean an environment as possible. It’s been measured by. National surveys that over 90 percent of the American public views themselves as environmental. And I think we almost no one that I know would say no I’m not in favor of clean air and clean water. There are times though that we spend an awful lot of money and put some burdens up that do very little to really improve the environment. And so you need a good cost benefit analysis of environmental stewardship. However most of the environmental stewardship that we’ve employed has also been good economics. That is to build structures and materials that don’t need to be painted as often and yet are very attractive such as hardi plank siding. It’s just good business it’s good good investment and it’s good for the environment. Similarly what we’ve done on our docks with encapsulated flotation and again using those same building materials is again good long term investment because our docks are built to last at a minimum 35 to 40 years and probably more like 50 to 70 years. You can’t get anything close to that kind of life out of an encapsulated flotation. You know why be painting or staining every two or three years with a structure when you could have used Hardi siding and only been painting every 10 years and still maintaining a really good clean quality appearance. So there’s an awful lot about environmental stewardship. That often connotates itself back to good economic investment. That’s what we try to preach. So we’re we’re very anxious to try and get where the state of Oklahoma. Here in the future. On adopting those clean Marina practices by means of leadership at the governors level that that says yeah we have a certified clean Marina program. As we did it would not be difficult to get this in operation. You merely have to copy the successful standards that are already in place. Start to have some competition for the best clean Marina like they do in other states. It’s human nature to want to achieve a victory to get a trophy. And so the smart thing is to go ahead and get this in place and then start to let the consumers know that encourage those that provide your recreational services to adopt these practices and become involved in the hopeful competition for the winner of the best clean Marina in the state. That would be a huge change for Oklahoma if we could make that happen. That would go a long way towards improving the quality of these many old marinas that. Have. Pretty tired appearances and certainly could use a freshening up. And I think that it would also. Help get the owners of those marinas to better understand their investment is well-served by investing in encapsulated flotation or building a new doc shop out of one of these more LEED certified types of materials. A lot of this is just a public education process that they will find that the banks and lenders will be more happy to invest in their in their projects if they can see them have a longer life than most of them have now. So that’s my little soapbox for today on environmental and economic hand-in-hand partnership.